The Best Places to Eat in Bruges

We did it! We took our first international trip since January 2020, and it actually went very well. What went so well about it? Maybe it was the speculoos cookies, maybe it was the waffles, but most likely it was the Ruby Hot Chocolate! Here’s the best of what we ate in Bruges. Maybe it’ll inspire your trip there to try some for yourself! 

Espresso Bar I Love Coffee

When we arrived in Bruges, we quickly discovered that we’re way out of practice with the whole jet lag thing! Steve napped in the hotel lobby before our room was ready, but I needed to be outside walking around. So I walked to a coffee shop for a latte for me and a cappuccino for my sleepy honey. The place is called I Love Coffee, and my latte was one of the best I’ve ever had. The barista says it’s the temperature of the milk that makes a difference—exactly 65 degrees C!

I love coffee, too!
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Our first day in Bruges was…. drizzly. Not a perfect day for curing jet lag, but definitely a perfect day for a warm bowl of soup. This restaurant is super tiny, but they do have excellent soups! Their sandwiches were delightful as well. It was the best thing to warm us from the inside out on a chilly afternoon. 

Tomato Soup and Franco Sandwich (Brie, Pine Nuts, Honey)
Greca Sandwich (Serrano Ham, Feta, Tomato, Olive Oil, and Spices)
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The Christmas Markets

One of the reasons we chose to visit Belgium for our trip in December was to visit the Christmas markets! COVID has made some changes (that hopefully won’t last forever!), but the markets in Bruges were still charming! We had a couple of Braadwurst, a Raclette sandwich, a Chicken Pitta, and a hot bio apple gingeru drink. There were no special mugs, but hopefully that tradition will return in the coming years! 

Raclette Sandwich
Braadwurst with Ketchup and Mustard
Chicken Pitta with Curry Ketchup and Cheese
Hot Bio Apple Gingeru Drink–VERY gingery!
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Everything’s better on a stick, right? That goes for chocolate-covered waffles! These come covered in white, milk, or dark chocolate, and you’ll have your selection of toppings from sprinkles to marshmallows to chocolate shavings and more! I got mine dipped in white chocolate and topped with Speculoos cookie crumbles. What’s Speculoos? It’s sort of like a ginger cookie and is popular in Belgium and the surrounding countries. And they taste like perfection when paired with white chocolate on a waffle.

White Chocolate-dipped Waffle with Speculoos Cookies
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Tompouce Bruges

This restaurant is located right on Burg Square, with a beautiful view of the historic Staadhuis, or City Hall. They’re definitely catering to the tourists (which we unashamedly were), so they serve both traditional Belgian food and familiar favorites for visitors. I got the Flemish Beef Stew, and Steve got the very British fish and chips. 

Flemish Beef Stew and Frites with Mayo
Fish and Chips

The Old Chocolate House Tea Room

Okay, I was so excited to visit this place! It’s a family-owned chocolate shop, and they have a very tiny tea room upstairs. Only, their specialty is not tea, it’s hot chocolate! They serve a variety of sweets, like gingerbread with chocolate frosting, but you won’t find any tea sandwiches here. 

The fun part is choosing your hot chocolate—white, milk, dark, or… ruby! Steve got the “Death by Chocolate” for a bit of excitement, but I went for the Ruby Hot Chocolate. The way their hot chocolate works is that you’ll be given a large mug of hot milk, plus a bowl of chocolate pieces. Pour them in the milk and stir, and you’ll have the richest hot chocolate you’ve ever tasted. 

Death By Chocolate: Hot Milk and Dark Chocolates, Oreoes, M&Ms, Chocolate Whipped Cream, Marshmallows, and Chocolate Cookie Crumbles
Ruby Chocolate to be stirred into Hot Milk, Cookies, Milk Chocolates
Assorted Ginger Breads with Chocolate Frosting and Butter
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Sanseveria Bagelsalon

This popular bagel shop came highly recommended by one of the women working at the front desk when we checked in. And actually, we were the last people they allowed in that morning without a reservation, so I recommend making one! The Madison bagel seemed to be their best seller, and Steve said it was delicious. I got the Richard, which was hearty enough to last me almost all day! Their coffee is also excellent. Steve got the flat white, and I got the best mocha of my life: a latte with chocolate slowly melting inside on the end of a spoon. Wow! 

The Madison: Smoked Salmon, Eggs, Avocado, Cream Cheese, Pepper and Dill on Poppyseed Bagel; Flat White
Mocha; The Richard: Bacon, Egg, Avocado, Cream Cheese, Black Pepper on Plain Bagel
Look what was inside my mocha! Chocolate on the spoon!
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The Potato Bar

Okay, I have to be honest, I’m not much of a fry person to begin with. I thought, however, that there would be something special about Belgium’s signature “frites.” I was wrong. They taste like regular fries, only a little more bland! We tried them in a few places, but most notably The Potato Bar. I got the frites with the “Muscles from Brussels,” and Steve got the frites with the “Chicken Run” topping. It was fine, but unless you really loves fries, I’d recommend a burger instead!

As a side note about fries in Belgium, you won’t find any ketchup around! If they come with any sauce at all, it will be mayo-based, or straight-up mayonnaise! Some shops may have ketchup or “tomato sauce” if you ask for it, but don’t be disappointed if they don’t. You’ve been warned!

Muscles from Brussels: Frites, Breaded Mussels, Lemon-garlic Mayo, Belgian Celeriac, Spring Onion
Chicken Run: Frites, Chicken, Apple, Greens, Mustard-Mayo, Mushroom Croquette
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Chez Albert

This is the one we were all waiting for: waffles! You can find them on nearly every street and certainly in the markets. Chez Albert has a couple of stands scattered around town, one of which was very close to our hotel. We stood in line with several dozen others, freezing our patooties off, but it was worth it once we got ours! I chose the strawberry, dark chocolate, and whipped cream, and Steve chose the one with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream. They were made fresh, served warm, and tasted delicious!

Belgian Waffle with Whipped Cream and Ice Cream
Belgian Waffle with Strawberries, Dark Chocolate, and Whipped Cream
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We happened upon this little bistro on a stroll back to our hotel one afternoon, and we stopped in because I found it charming! I needed a little something warm and hearty after another drizzly, chilly day. Their soup and a salmon and cheese panini hit the spot for me, and Steve chose their lunch special with the burger. I wish I’d been hungry enough to get a waffle here, too! 

Hearty Vegetable Soup and Bread
Hamburger, Salad, and Frites
Salmon, Boursin Cheese, and Sun-dried tomato Sandwich and Salad
Ice Cream, please!

Want more? Check out my Belgium Page for everything you need to plan your trip! And be sure to stop by my dedicated World Foods Page for more foodie adventures around the world.

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