What to Eat in Venice

Updated June 26, 2020.

It’s everyone’s favorite: What I Ate Wednesday! On our recent trip to Venice, Italy, what can I say? We had to eat! This was my first trip to Italy, so I was thrilled and excited for the opportunity to enjoy Italian pastas, gelato, coffee, and more. See what we got into, but here’s a fair warning: you may be hungry by the end of this post!


You might notice a trend below: we love pancetta! Don’t tell my family back in the South, but I think I like it better than bacon! Everything tasted fresh and perfectly seasoned, just as I expected from Italy.

Scrambled eggs with pancetta
IMG_1624 2
Bread Basket
Jams, Nutella, and Honey
Omelette with pancetta
Smoked salmon and spinach quiche
Omelette with pancetta, tomato, and mushroom


I read a fellow blogger’s post all about how to order coffee in Venice and how to drink it as well. It seemed intimidating and overly complicated, But I’m here to tell you it was not a big deal! Have your coffee how you like it. I did see someone get scolded for ordering a mocha at the lounge in Marco Polo Airport, but as long as you stick to the options on the menu, you will not have a problem! We opted for cappuccino each morning!

Coffee for two
Last cappuccino of the trip!


Those breakfasts really kept us going most of the day, but who can pass up pizza in Italy?! The slices are huge, and you’re meant to fold it in half and eat it one-handed on the go, or so it appeared. We also had to stop into an authentic little spot over in the Dorsoduro neighborhood on the southern side of the Grand Canal for pasta and lasagna one afternoon, and I have to say, I think I may have had real, al dente pasta for the first time in my life!

Pizza! Cheese and No Cheese
Lasagne Bolognese
Penne with Vegetables


My friend who grew up in Italy told me I had to try the squid ink pasta in Venice, so that’s the first thing I did! It was delicious! It was also salty, but I’m not sure if that’s from the squid ink or if the pasta was just well-seasoned. Either way, I’d get it again, and I recommend it to you, too! Steve enjoyed his shrimp pizza (who wouldn’t?), and we opted for take away sandwiches like the locals do for supper the last two nights. After a long couple of days of walking around Venice, it was nice to grab something good to go!

Shrimp Pizza
Squid Ink Pasta!
Sandwiches to go!


As you may already know if you’ve read many of my What I Ate Wednesday posts, I love sweets! I probably could have eaten only dessert all weekend and not wanted anything else. Here’s what we got into on this trip:

Hazelnut Gelato!
Italian Meringue Cookie and Cream Sandwich
Fikissimo Gelato–I still don’t know what that means after Googling it and putting it into Google Translate, but it was delicious!
Apple Cake with Caramel and Cream!
Drinking chocolate with a creamy cannoli horn!

Are you ready for your own Venetian culinary adventure? Comment below with the food or beverage you want to enjoy!

Check out my Italy Page for all things Venice, and my World Foods Page for all the global eats!

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  1. That hot chocolate looks amazing!

    1. It was almost too rich to finish!

  2. They all look really good 🙂

    1. It was all amazing! So fresh and so delicious!

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