What to Eat on Easter Island

Updated June 24, 2020.

It’s What I Ate Wednesday! This week it’s coming to you from the most remote inhabited island in the world: Easter Island! What does one eat on this remote, South Pacific island? Find out today!

On the Plane

I was so excited to be heading to Easter Island, I didn’t even mind the kind of unappetizing eggs on the flight! It served its purpose and got us through the 5 hour flight.

Apple and tangerine slices, butter and jam, bread, and an omelette with mushrooms

And I went back to ask the flight attendants for water so often, one of them offered me little chocolate-covered cookies!

Chocolate-covered sandwich cookies!


My new favorite food! Empanadas are like a savory turnover or hand pie. They can come with any number of fillings–mostly with queso, which is cheese!

Seafood and cheese
Chicken and cheese
Tuna and cheese
Shrimp and cheese
Napolitana: ham, cheese, tomatoes, and herbs. Maybe the best one!


Fresh juice is everywhere on the island! Nothing says “island life” quite like a fresh fruit juice in every color!

Welcome juice when we arrived at Hotel Puku Vai! I think it had banana in it!
Guava! Just what I needed after a very long hike!
Mango juice: the perfect accompaniment to a seafood empanada!

Snacks and Desserts

I just can’t help myself–mostly because I don’t want to! I can always have a sweet, no matter where I am. And with all the walking and hiking we did on the island, my body was craving them. And my husband indulged with me!

Coffees and coconut custard pie with chocolate ganache and dried coconut
Chocolate and coco nut ice creams!
It was hard to decide! We chose the Tres Leches cake in the lower right corner

Breakfast Buffet at Hotel Puku Vai

Our amazing hotel had a fabulous breakfast buffet each morning. Eggs made to order, breads, spreads, avocado, yogurt, coffee, etc.!

Beautiful fresh fruit
Meats and cheeses
Cookies and yogurt
Day 1 Breakfast


They’re not just in Scandanavia! Chileans and Rapa Nui people alike are kind of crazy about huge sandwiches. Take a look!

Steve’s big sandwich with eggs, beef patties, and fries!
THIS is a tuna sandwich! Lettuce, tomato, cheese, avocado, and tuna steak!

Island Food

It would be a trip to the seaside without a whole fish or two, right?

Island-style baked fish with smashed banana fritters and onion rings!
Somehow I always end up with the whole fish–bones and all! With side salad and sweet potatoes

The Flight to the Mainland

And just like that, it was time to begin our journey homeward! Our Latam flight left around 12:30pm, so it was lunch time! There were two options, so Steve and I each got one so you could see both!

Chicken and rice and a roll with cake topped with strawberry jam and meringue
Cheese ravioli with roll and cake

The airplane food was decent, but not as good as a fresh empanada! Are you ready for your own food adventure through Easter Island? I encourage it!

For more on planning your own trip, check out What to Know Before You Visit Easter Island! And check out all my posts from this trip on my Chile Page, too!

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing all these! My husband and I will be visiting Easter Island this coming September 2018

    1. You will have so much fun! I hope all my Easter Island posts are helpful for you! The empanadas are definitely the BEST I ever had! 🙌🗿

  2. I cannot wait to try all those Empanadas!!!

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