What to Eat in Turkey

Updated June 25, 2020.

It’s What I Ate Wednesday! This week we’re remembering our unforgettable two-week excursion to Turkey! And here’s what we ate along the way.


Breakfast in Turkey was quite varied! One day I had French toast, another day it was cheese, veggies, and bread. Occasionally there were eggs, usually hard boiled–sorry I missed getting a picture of those!


Here’s the variety of lunches! Mostly we had “pide,” which is Turkish pizza, sort of. It was really good and came with meat, cheese, and veggie topping items. One “authentic” item I had was meat and veggies steamed all day long in a clay pot. I got to break the pot myself! My friend Andrea was all excited for her kebabs, but as you can see above, they came out a bit… dark. There was always bread served with every meal, and usually olives, cucumbers, and/or tomatoes!


Suppers included more pide (we loved it!), stuffed eggplant and grape leaves, various dips for flat breads, and a few things we couldn’t identify, but tasted good!


If you’ve read many of my “What I Ate Wednesday” posts, you know dessert is my favorite! And Turkey did not disappoint. The homemade yogurt and local honey was delightful and filling, the Turkish coffee was a bit strong (and honestly, sludgey!) for me, the grape balls were interesting but did not taste like grapes, and the rice pudding was good enough for me to get it twice!

Farmers’ Market

The open-air markets in Selcuk (near Ephesus) was fantastic. There was everything there! Take a look at the most colorful fare:

Wow, am I right? What did I miss? What looks good to you? Comment below!

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