Everything You Need to Know Before You Eat at Blue Heaven in Key West

There are just some things you have to do when you go to a certain place. You have to visit the Pyramids when you go to Egypt. You have to visit the Eiffel Tower in Paris. You absolutely have to see the Sydney Opera House in Sydney. And you have to eat at Blue Heaven in Key West! But there are a few things to know in advance that might help you fit this into your plans for Key West, so I decided to pull together a blog post for you with all the things you need to know!

Expect a Wait

Blue Heaven is on a first-come, first-served basis for breakfast and lunch (from 8:00am-2:30pm), so don’t come hangry, and just plan to have a bit of a wait! When you put in your name, the hostess will estimate how long your wait will be, then take your phone number. You’ll immediately get a text welcoming you to Blue Heaven and asking you to wait, and you’ll get a second text when your table is ready.

The Entrance to Blue Heaven
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For reference, on a Tuesday in January (during the Pandemic), we got there around 11:15am and waited 20 minutes. On a Thursday in June, we got there around 12:45pm and waited about 45 minutes. I went by on a Saturday morning around 9:30, and the wait just to put your name on the waiting list was already down the block. It’s worth your time, but just be prepared to wait!

This is the wait just to put your name in on a Saturday morning!
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For dinner from (5:00pm-10:00pm), they take limited reservations. You can only make a reservation by phone from 10:00am-5:00pm Monday-Friday, or 10:00am-3:00pm Saturday. The number is 305-296-8666. I recommend booking six to eight weeks out to make sure you get a coveted dinner reservation!

My parents waiting outside the gift shop for lunch.
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While You’re Waiting

Don’t want to waste your vacation time waiting? Then don’t! There are several things to do while you wait.

Andy’s Cabana

Right across the street, you’ll find Blue Heaven’s bar and waiting area, Andy’s Cabana. You can get a beverage, or if you accidentally did come hangry, you can also get a slice of their incredible banana bread! I got an iced coffee for myself (shocker), a couple of orange juices, and a cranberry juice for my parents and husband. This particular bar is cash only, but don’t worry, Blue Heaven does take a credit card.

Iced Coffee from Andy’s Cabana
Andy’s Cabana Menu
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The Gift Shop

While you’re waiting, take a look in their gift shop. They sell local art, locally made soaps and bath products, tee-shirts, and more! You can even get one of their key lime pies, a loaf of banana bread, fresh-baked bread, or their homemade granola to-go!

Blue Heaven Gift Shop
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Local Boutiques

You know I’m a huge advocate for supporting local shops and businesses! There are a few right across the street that sell clothing, jewelry, bags, and more, so take a look while you’re waiting. Don’t worry about missing Blue Heaven calling your name when your table’s ready–remember, you’ll get a text instead!

Shop local!
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The Restaurant

The restaurant itself is all open-air, and there will definitely be chickens and cats running around! You’ll most likely have live music with your meal, but we didn’t find it too loud or disruptive to conversation. It’s very casual, at least for breakfast and lunch, and I imagine it would be for dinner as well! We came for lunch right after spending the morning at Fort Zachary Taylor State Park, so we were ultra-casual.

Blue Heaven is always busy, and there’s almost always live music!
Bring cash.
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Breakfast Options

Once you get your text and get yourself seated at the table, the real fun begins! Blue Heaven serves breakfast from 8:00am-2:30pm, and lunch starts at noon. Take a look at their menu online in advance if you like. Their story is also on the back of their menu, so you’ll also be able to do some light reading while you’re there!

Key West Shrimp Benedict

Key West shrimp are pink, slightly sweet, and mild in flavor. They go well with Benedict! Other Benedict options include veggie, bacon, ham, sausage, beef tenderloin, or lobster BLT!

My Mom’s Choice
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Blue Heaven Omelette

The Blue Heaven Omelette comes with Vermont white cheddar, and you’ll have your selection of add-ons. I added spinach and bacon to mine, and asked for a side of fresh banana bread instead of toast!

My Breakfast Choice
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Rooster Special Breakfast

Steve got the Rooster Special, which included two pancakes, bacon, two eggs, and grits. Other options included spicy sausage, potatoes, banana bread, or toast. I think he made the right choice with the grits!

Steve’s Breakfast
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Lunch Options

Lunch starts at noon and is served until closing time at 2:30pm. Many of their offerings are local or farm-to-table. Since my family and I are from Tennessee originally, we thought it was funny to see a Tennessee Cheese Burger on the menu. As it turns out, the owners bought a farm in Tennessee a few years ago, where they grow herbs, apples, and even raise beef for Blue Heaven!

Yellow Submarine

My dad is a huge fan of yellowtail snapper. He got it every time he saw it on the menu in Key West, including here at Blue Heaven. The Yellow Submarine sandwich comes with vinegar slaw, mango tartar sauce, yellow peppers, and baron pickles on a baguette!

Dad’s Lunch
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Yellowtail Snapper Salad

Following suit, I got the Yellowtail Snapper Salad, which came with miso eggplant (yum), chevre cheese, orange cider vinaigrette, and buttered bread. I would definitely recommend it to you, and I’d get it again myself!

My Lunch Choice
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Loaded Bowl

Steve got the healthiest option of all, as usual! He chose the Loaded Bowl, which included rice, black beans, romaine, cole slaw, salsa, sour cream, cheddar cheese, and cornbread. You can also add a protein to the bowl if you like, but Steve decided to go vegetarian!

Steve’s Lunchtime Extravaganza
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Their Famous Key Lime Pie

Word to the wise… Get there early for the pie! By the time we got around to ordering dessert at 2:00pm, they had just run out of the famous, Mile-high Key Lime Pie! Luckily, I got a slice when we were there in January, but I was bummed my parents didn’t get to try it. Next time!

How do they get the torch on that meringue so even? I asked! They torch it first, then they bake it to make it uniform all the way around!

Mile-high Meringue makes this extra special!
Take a look at their whole pies for sale in the gift shop!
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