The Best Food to Eat in Key West

Updated June 17, 2021.

What’s the best part of an island vacation? The island life! What’s the next best part? The food! Our trip to Key West was everything we hoped it would be and then some. We had the best time, soaked up all the sun, and ate our weight in key lime pie and seafood. Check out what we ate–I hope you brought an appetite!

Two Friends Patio Restaurant

This was the first place where we ate on our first trip to Key West in January 2021, and it was a great introduction! We tried the conch fritters, which were heavy on the fritter and light on the conch. I am under the impression it’s that way everywhere, though. They’re more of a hush puppy! Steve’s burger was thick and delicious, and my ahi tuna was perfectly seared, just how I like it!

Conch Fritters and Key Lime Mustard Sauce
Bacon Cheeseburger and Fries
Seared Ahi Tuna and Greens
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Key West Cuban Coffee

Key West is famous for a few reasons, not the least of which is their authentic Cuban cuisine! More than one source told me Key West Cuban Coffee was the best place to get the real thing, so we had to try it out. I got their “cortadito,” which was Cuban espresso, brewed with sugar, and topped with milk foam. It was too strong for me and not quite sweet enough, but for “real” coffee lovers, I’m sure it’ll be right up your alley!

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Blue Heaven

This was one of my favorites! Their outdoor dining area was great, they had live music even in the morning, and not only can you get banana bread instead of toast, their key lime pie comes with mile-high meringue! I am definitely a fan, and I’ll be going back on my next trip to Key West.

Banana Bread and Omelette with Cheese, Spinach, and Bacon
Rooster Special: Grits, Bacon, Eggs, 2 Pancakes
Key Lime Pie with Mile-high Meringue
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Hogfish Bar & Grill

Caribbean Conch Ceviche
Dad’s Grilled Hogfish with Blackened Sea Scallops
Steve’s Mahi Salad Special of the Day
Mom’s Massive Grilled Hogfish Sandwich and Fries
My Summer Salad with Grilled Hogfish
Key Lime Pie Topped with Whipped Cream and Coconut
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Banana Cafe

The food here was good, but I’ll be honest, the service was rude. They boast about their rooftop dining, but we went for an early dinner at 4:00, and the rooftop was closed. It was quite a bummer since that was the whole reason I wanted to eat there! But we were hungry, so we stayed and ate inside anyway. The highlight was the key lime crepe.

Duck Potstickers
Mahi Burger and Sweet Potato Fries
La Island Salad with Scallops, Shrimp, Avocado, and Tropical Salsa
Key Lime Crepe
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Seaside Cafe at the Mansion

We stayed at the Southernmost House Hotel, where the Seaside Cafe is located as well. We got a regular cheese pizza, which was excellent, and lobster biscuits. They were amazing! The biscuit wasn’t really that, however. It was a sweet, delicious waffle. And the lobster were Key West lobster, which are a little bit sweet! I’m a fan.

Traditional Cheese Pizza
Lobster Biscuits and Fries
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Cuban Coffee Queen

If you’ve been doing any research about Key West this mural has probably come up! It’s located at the Cuban Coffee Queen’s Caroline Street location. They have amazing coffee, incredible food, and three locations so you can always get your fix! Something I love about this place is that they use coffee ice cubes–not made with water!–in their iced coffee. Your coffee won’t get watered down as they melt! They also make an awesome Cuban sandwich. Would you expect any less from the Cuban Coffee Queen?

Iced Cafe con Leche
Cuban Mix Sandwich and Plantain Chips
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Funky Rooster

This little coffee and gift shop is super cute. If I hadn’t been in the middle of a run when I walked in to order my coffee, I would have sat on their cozy couches a while. Their pastries looked wonderful, but their mocha won my heart!

Iced Mocha!
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Moondog Cafe

This was the unexpected delight of the trip! We stopped in for our last meal of our vacation, and we will definitely be back on our next visit! Steve had the breakfast tacos, and I had the seafood omelette, which was far bigger and more filling than I ever expected! But did that stop me from getting the key lime pie with meringue? Nope! I think it was my favorite!

Breakfast Tacos
Seafood Omelette with English Muffin
The best key lime pie I’ve ever had!
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Keys Coffee Co.

Steve and I walked here for coffee on our last morning, and you know what happened? He got the better coffee! I ordered the iced coconut breve (with coffee ice cubes!) because I read that was the “thing” to get, but Steve’s frozen cafe con leche tasted like a coffee milkshake, and that’s what I’m getting the next time! Because there will be a next time.

Frozen Cafe con Leche and Iced Coconut Breve
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La Grignote

My parents and Steve and I ate here on our last morning in Key West, but if we’d eaten here first, we probably would have come back often throughout the week! They make all their breads and pastries from scratch, and their portion sizes are definitely American-style, so come hungry. Not only is their food amazing, they have a sweet dog roaming around the place, too!

Please read his little bandana carefully: Do Not Feed!
Quite possibly the largest fritatta around: broccoli, asperagus, and tomato
The Breakfast Special: Bacon, Eggs, Salad, Avocado
Ham Eggs Benedict on Artisan Bread
Ratatouille with Poached Eggs and Avocado on Artisan Bread

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