What to Eat in Charleston

Updated June 27, 2020.

What’s the best reason to go South? Warmer weather? Friendly people? Food? All of those are good reasons, but only one touches every sense (hearing, smell, sight, touch, and taste), and that’s the food! Food in the South is a whole experience: bacon sizzling (hearing), breakfast cooking (smell), beautifully presented food on pretty, possibly heirloom dishes (sight), the feel of the food in your mouth (touch), and of course, the taste!

Whether it’s salty, sweet, rich, or all of the above, Southern food really takes the cake! Here’s a peek at everything I ate on my springtime trip to Charleston, South Carolina!


I stayed at the best little B&B in the French Quarter called the 27 State Street Bed and Breakfast, and let me tell you, I ate well! I had the biggest quiche of my life, and maybe the best bagel, too—and I love an amazing bagel!

Chocolate chunk muffin, broccoli and cheese quiche, and grapes
French press coffee, grapefruit juice, rosemary bagel with avocado and tomatoes, vanilla yogurt with berries and granola


Believe it or not, I was actually hungry by the time lunch rolled around, since I was doing so much walking! Charleston is such a foodie town, you really can’t go wrong with anything you choose. Pro budget traveler tip: make lunch your largest meal of the day instead of supper; you’ll save 1/3 to 1/2 of what you would have spent on supper!

Pecan chicken salad from Sweetwater Diner. One of the BEST chicken salads I’ve ever had!
If you go to Charleston and don’t eat shrimp ‘n grits, did you really go to Charleston? This amazing shrimp and grits with a poached egg came from Poogan’s Porch!
Nothing’s more Southern than a buttermilk biscuit and butter!
My face when I found out Poogan’s Porch has “mock”tails! This is called Rosemary’s Daughter. Too fun!


After a big lunch, I don’t need a lot for supper, but my first day in Charleston was so pretty, I had to find a great place to eat outside! This salad came from a rooftop bar called… the Rooftop!

Blackened salmon and strawberry salad from The Rooftop


I can’t resist gelato on a beautifully warm day! Put that with a warm Belgian waffle, and it made for the perfect sweet treat!

Belgian Waffle and Nutella Gelato, from the Belgian Gelato!

Are you ready to eat your way through Charleston? Tell me below!

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