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My Books

COVID threw everyone for a loop, but I will always be grate for the the gift of time it gave me. I finally got around to writing those booksI always wanted to write!

Princess Culture Bible Study

Lost and Found Series

Travel Gear

I only recommend items that I have, or that I would buy myself in cases where the items I have are no longer available. I never recommend products simply for profit—only the best for my readers!

  • The Ultimate List of Useful Solo Travel Gear - Solo travelers are a rare bunch. We're fun, determined, ready to roll with the punches, and when it's all said and done: we're confident!
  • Small Businesses I Love to Support - It’s no secret: I hate to shop! Nothing seems to fit my body, I never seem to find exactly what I’m looking for, I’d rather spend my money on travel. The exception? Shopping small!
  • Will Travel for Coffee - I do love the ritual of coffee. And coffee is different wherever you go, right? So I decided during this quarantine time that we all need a boost and a little travel to get ourselves going in the morning. Here's your list of coffees from around the world!
  • 5 Essentials for International Travel - You bought cute new clothes and you hope those new shoes will be worn in by the time you leave. And then you start to panic.
  • Your Ultimate Guide to Solid Toiletries - For the last several months, I've been trying out tons of solid travel toiletries so I can recommend the best to you!
  • Gear Up for Winter Travel - Colder temperatures are coming to the Northern Hemisphere! This is the men's AND women's ultimate guide to winter gear!
  • Your Feet and Your Travels - How are your feet? It's not your typical conversation starter, but it's an important question!
  • Gear Up for Summer Travel - Spring is here, but summer is coming! I truly love summer travels: beaches, sunshine, waterfall hikes, ocean breezes, hot and humid temperatures. I love it!
  • Surviving Long-haul Travel - I'm letting you in on my top tips to travel your best. If the length of a flight has ever kept you from traveling to your dream destination, this post is definitely for you!

Travel Book Lists

Need travel inspiration, an airplane book, or just a great story in an exotic setting? I got you covered!

  • Books to Read Before Your Trip to Hawaii - I don't know about you, but I love to read about a place I plan to visit! It gets me excited and helps me understand so much about the culture.
  • Books to Read During a Pandemic - While we're all #AloneTogether, #TogetherApart, #SaferAtHome, and #TogetherAtHome, we're all dealing with quarantine and re-opening differently.
  • 2020 Summer Travel Reading List - I'm giving you my summer reading list early this year! Social distancing doesn't mean you can't make friends with characters in books or escape to faraway times in a book.
  • 2019 Summer Travel Reading List - It's that time of year again... Summer is coming! And that means it's time for my annual summer reading list.
  • 2018 Summer Travel Reading List - Summer is so close we can almost taste it, so it's high time for a summer reading list!
  • 2017 Summer Travel Reading List - Summer is here, and I don't know about you, but I love a good beachside, poolside, bedside, or plane-side book,

Traveler Gift Guides

What do you get for the loved one who’s never home? Travel gear! These guides are here to help you choose only the best of the best for the traveler in your life!

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