One of the best experiences of travel is also one of the most stressful to plan… your accommodation!

Accommodation Guides

  • Why is Better than Hotel Brand Loyalty - I have found in my travels that hotel brand loyalty is far inferior to the system that has to offer!
  • The Ultimate Pros and Cons of Hostels - I’ve got your quick and honest list of hostel pros and cons right here!
  • The Best Hotel Luxuries - There's nothing better than coming back after a long day to a freshly-made bed... that I didn't have to make! That is luxury to me. What says luxury to you?
  • The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Hotel Rewards - Hotels can be the most expensive part of a vacation. Depending on the type of hotel and the length of your stay, you could be paying more for the hotel than for the plane ticket to get there! But there’s good news: hotel rewards!
  • Legendary Hotels of the World - If you've read my post about how to choose accommodations, you know the most stressful part of travel for me is choosing hotels! But the fact of the matter is simple: you have to stay somewhere.
  • Your Ultimate Guide to Accommodations - Stop muddling through accommodation websites and follow these guidelines to find your best sleeping solution when traveling.

Bed and Breakfasts


Vacation Rentals

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