What to Eat in Cardiff, Wales

Updated June 25, 2020.

“Oh, you won’t find Welsh food here!” That’s a sentiment I heard from nearly every local person I asked! But never fear—I found some! Here’s the short list of where you can find Welsh (and traditional British!) food in Cardiff. Check it out and don’t let anyone tell you there’s no Welsh here!

The one thing you do need to know about food in Cardiff is that almost all restaurants and stores close very early! As in, between 4-6pm closing early!

Owain Glyndwyr

This is one of the very few places open for supper at 5:30 on a Sunday! But they close their kitchen at 6:00pm, so I had to hurry up and order! This beef and double Gloucester pie is more British than straight-up Welsh, but I was getting mighty hungry that first night in town, so British was close enough for me!

Beef and double Gloucester pie with mashed potatoes, peas, and carrots

Full British Breakfast

You’ll find this pretty easily! This particular meal came from my hotel, which included breakfast with my stay. However, I would never recommend this particular hotel to anyone, so I won’t recommend their food either. You can find a full English breakfast at Sully’s Cafe, Central Perk, Elmer’s Take a Break Cafe, and more in town! Don’t forget to try the black pudding!

Bread with jam and honey, baked beans, sunny side-up egg, black pudding behind the egg, bacon, tomatoes, and mushrooms

Pettigrew Tea Rooms

Do not miss tea next door to Cardiff Castle! You’ll find Afternoon Tea available in several tea rooms around the city, but I can tell you from experience that you will leave full and happy after tea at Pettigrew. Take a look!

Rooibos tea, ready to pour!
Time for tea!
Beef and horseradish sandwich on wholemeal bread.
Brie and fruit chutney sandwich (I’m a sucker for Brie and fruit!).
Fruit scone with meringue cookie, strawberry jam, clotted cream, and fruit.
That’s one American-sized Victoria Sandwich cake!


This restaurant actually has an all-Welsh menu, and a pre-theatre dinner special, so I had to give it a try! It’s located on Cardiff Bay, and you can take the water bus to get there if you like! I took an Uber home because the boat stopped running at 5:00pm.

Cockle and laverbread tart topped with Welsh cheese. Cockles are shellfish and laverbread is a type of seaweed!
Welsh faggots, which are meatballs! Served with mashed potatoes and peas.

Nata & Co.

I think this is a chain restaurant throughout the UK, and I kid you not, this was one of the best savory pastries I’ve ever had! It’s a ham and cheese pasty. That’s pasty, not pastry! It was so good, I got another to take with me before I left for the airport my last morning. They open at 7:00am, making them a great spot for a quick breakfast before you start your day!

Ham and cheese pasty to go!

Madame Fromage

This cheese shop in one of the indoor shopping arcades across from the castle is a must-visit! Everything they had looked fabulous, but I came for the Welsh Rarebit. They have a few especially Welsh menu items, along with some international eats and unique treats—like their popcorn coffee with cream! Make this a brunch or lunch stop while you’re in town.

Welsh Rarebit, which is cheese toast! And salad. Because you have to balance the cheese sometimes.
Largest coffee known to man? Perhaps! And you’re seeing that right–that’s caramel corn on top with caramel drizzle!

Fabulous Welsh Cakes

The name says it all! They really do make fabulous Welsh cakes, and there are at least two locations: one at Castle Arcade and the other at Cardiff Bay. They have traditional Welsh cakes, but also a couple of other flavors to choose from each day! I got one traditional and one peanut butter Welsh cake. They were amazing! They’re kind of like a dense pancake the size of a cookie. You can get them hot off the griddle here, and they’re only 50 pence each (about 65 cents)!

Just enjoying my peanut butter Welsh cake at the castle!

Barker Tea Room

I went to this tea room in hopes of having one last Afternoon Tea experience, but alas, it was 5:15 and they close promptly at 5:45, and that is not enough time for a full Afternoon Tea. But they did have a great selection of hot sandwiches to go!

Chicken, cranberry, and brie panini.

Sully’s Cafe

I found this fantastic cafe my last morning, but I wished I’d found it sooner! I needed something to keep me full for several hours until I got to the airport that afternoon, and their Big Breakfast Sandwich did just the trick! It includes two sausages, two slices of bacon, and a fried egg. The latte in the background was also one of the best I had in Cardiff!

Latte and a Big Breakfast Sandwich. Tasted just like I was back in the South!

Which of these has made its way onto your “must eat” list? Comment below!

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