Meet the Team

While I was able to limp along as a one-woman show for a few years, the best thing I’ve done for my business was to get help! Here’s the whole Quick Whit Team!

Assistant: Anne Marie Ericson of Ericson Virtual Solutions

Anne Marie has made Quick Whit Travel what it is today! She does all the things that steal my joy so I can live my dream and do the things I love. If you see an Instagram reel, it was made by Anne Marie. If you appreciate my content, it’s because she’s doing everything else so I can create helpful posts that you love! Check her out here, and if you or a small business owner you know needs some help to “do it all,” fill out her inquiry form here!

Photo credit: Through Victoria’s Lens

Web Designer: Ken Smith of Ken Smith Designs

You know how aesthetically pleasing my website it? How well-organized and easy-to-navigate? Yeah, that’s because of Ken! A fellow Tennessean, he also lived in D.C. for several years and worked as a National Politics Producer and news designer at the Washington Post. He and his wife now live in Texas, and he does freelance web design for small businesses like mine! Check him out at, and contact him here.

Photo Credit: Ken Smith Designs

My Everything: Steve O’Halek

My husband is not just my favorite travel partner (and the reason I fly business class internationally), he’s also my proofreader, editor, idea bouncer-offer, and idea man! I get to live my dream because of him, and you know what else is fun? His motto for travel and life is, “If it’s not special, what’s the point?”

How cute is my honey?
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