The 21 Best Destinations for Solo Female Travel

Updated June 29, 2022.

Are you considering solo travel, maybe for the first time? It can be intimidating, particularly for women. But fear not! You totally got this. I am a firm believer that any place you go can be safe, but some places are generally safer than others if you’re just starting out and testing the solo travel waters. To make it easy for you, I’ve come up with a list of beautiful, safe, and fun destinations for solo female travel!


Why Australia?

Want to see the land down under? What’s stopping you? Australia is a great destination if you love koalas, iconic sites, a little bit of city, a little bit of wilderness, or if you just want to test the waters in a place where they speak English!

Where to Go in Australia

Always dreamt of being a mermaid? Check out the Great Barrier Reef! Want a taste of the Outback? Go for Uluru or take the Ghan Train between Adelaide and Darwin! Want to hold a koala? Kuranda Koala Gardens in Cairns is one of the only places in the world where you can do just that. I can personally recommend Sydney, Melbourne, and Cairns (where the Great Barrier Reef is), but on my short list of places to visit are Adelaide, Uluru, and Perth as well!

Iconic Sydney Harbor!
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Why Austria?

This one is for the music lover. The history lover. The Sound of Music fanatic! Whether your goal is shopping at charming Christmas markets, eating classic European comfort food, or walking through palaces and world-class museums, Austria could be the right fit for you.

Where to Go in Austria

Want the Sound of Music experience? Visit Salzburg! Love old world charm? Hallstatt is the place for you. Want cosmopolitan city life, big-as-your head Weiner schnitzel, and to walk in the footsteps of Mozart? Vienna is right where you want to be.

Schonbrunn Palace Gardens in Vienna
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Why Cambodia?

Feeling like Indiana Jones? Or maybe Lara Croft, Tomb Raider? Or maybe ancient history has always inspired you. Or maybe you just want to visit a place where your dollar goes a long way! The people here are so glad to have tourists because it’s vital to their economy, and they are some of the kindest people with the biggest smiles you’ve ever seen.

Where to Go in Cambodia

I recommend Siem Reap so you can see Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom, Bayon, Bantey Srai, and everything else these gorgeous, ancient temples have to offer. I spent four days here, but it easily could have been a week or more.

Reflecting at Angkor Wat
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Why Canada?

Canada is one of my favorite countries because the people are just so nice! Everyone’s helpful, the poutine is to die for, and for Americans, parts of Canada can be like a trip to Europe without the jet lag or long flights! This is a safe bet for women travelers in particular because truly, the people are the friendliest I’ve ever met.

Where to Go in Canada

Want a taste of France? Visit MontrealAnne of Green Gables was a part of your childhood? Visit Prince Edward Island! Seafarer at heart? Halifax is for you. Want natural beauty and Canadian Mounties? Visit Calgary or Banff!

Living my best life and visiting the REAL Green Gables!
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Easter Island

Why Easter Island?

You will not get lost! This small, triangular Polynesian island is the remotest populated location in the world, and it is one of my most favorite trips! The most memorable spots for me are the quarry, the Anthropological Museum, sunrise at Ahu Tongariki, and Anakena Beach.

Where to Go on Easter Island

Anywhere you want! There’s really only one town on Easter Island, and you can actually walk into town from the airport. Definitely check out all the Moai—they’re everywhere! I stayed at the Hotel Puku Vai, and there are options in every price range!

Eski-Moai Kiss!
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Why Estonia?

I love it because it’s still a bit undiscovered. No crowds, no lines, no wait at restaurants—and yet everything there was top-notch. It was so easy to get around, and the people were absolutely delighted to have visitors! They love showing off the best of their country, and I can’t blame them.

Where to go in Estonia

If you want to feel like Maid Marian and think you might see Robin Hood rounding the corner, visit Tallinn, Estonia! Want to check another country off your list? There is a ferry between Finland and Estonia! You can’t go wrong in the Baltics, really. I felt very safe walking around Estonia, and I even got to stay in a castle both nights I was there! Do not miss the old apothecary in old town Tallinn. The story goes that marzipan was actually invented here, and you can buy some to sample!

Charming, beautiful, Medieval Tallinn, Estonia!
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Galapagos Islands

Why the Galapagos Islands?

This is for the nature lover, the adventurous spirit, the animal enthusiast! There are just so many once-in-a-lifetime experiences to have here, from swimming with penguins to meeting blue-footed boobies to watching giant tortoises gracefully go about their business, this is a trip you will never forget.

Where to Go in the Galapagos

If you’re going to choose one island as your base, make it Santa Cruz. Most of the day trips leave from there, not to mention all the cool things to see and do on Santa Cruz itself. I stayed on Floreana, Isabella, and Santa Cruz on my 8-day trip, and the company Galapagos Alternative was amazing at helping me make the most of my trip! You will have to be with a certified guide to go to many locations and tours, so go with the best!

Making friends with the locals!
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Why Germany?

Quintessential Europe, castles on the Rhine, Christmas markets in winter, land of fairytales, beautiful scenery, and pretzels! Why wouldn’t you want to go to Germany? The trains are efficient, so getting around is easy, and the towns and villages are very walkable!

Where to Go in Germany

I highly recommend the adorable village of Heidelberg! Take a day trip to Neuschwanstein Castle and channel your inner Sleeping Beauty, the Black Forest for a cuckoo clock, or Berlin for some heavy World War II history.

Glimpsing Medieval Heidelberg Schloss
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Why Iceland?

Iceland is consistenly listed as one of the safest destinations for women traveling solo, as well as one of the safest countries in the world overall. Whether you want puffin sightings, the Aurora Borealis, incredible hiking, to swim in the Blue Lagoon, to see volcanoes up close and personal, or to walk on a glacier, Iceland is just the place!

Where to Go in Iceland

Basing yourself in Reykjavik is a great option, or you can plan to drive around the country and stay at local places along the way. I stayed at Hotel Ranga, which has a wake-up service for the northern lights so you don’t miss them! Only have 3-4 days? Take on Reykjavik and the South Coast!

Epic Sights in Iceland
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Why Japan?

Japan was my very first solo trip and my first trip across an ocean. Japan is so different from America, it was thrilling! I was so out of my element, but I didn’t feel the need to panic, be scared, or feel like I just couldn’t handle it. I had to do it. That trip taught me more about myself than any trip I had taken before or since. Japan is beautiful, iconic, diverse, and truly peaceful.

Where to Go in Japan

Want the hustle of a major city? Check out fast-paced Tokyo. Want history and iconic Japanese beauty? Kyoto is for you. Love animals? Visit Nara, the ancient capital of Japan with hundreds of deer roaming the city and the largest wooden Buddha in the world! You will find anything you could possibly want in Japan.

Just making my way through beautiful Japan!
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Why Latvia?

If architecture is your passion, especially art nouveau, you must put Latvia on your “to go” list! Whether you like the seaside or the forest, there is something for you in this beautiful Baltic nation. Some of the most intereting, elaborate, and historic architecture is scattered about Latvia, especially its capital city, Riga. The Baltics have access to multiple colors of amber—did you know it can be green?! I have a pair of white amber earrings from Latvia, and every time I wear them I think, “I have to get back there soon!”

Where to Go in Latvia

Riga is an absolute dream. If you want history, it’s there. If you want culture, it’s there. If you want mild summer temperatures and sunlight from 4:30am until 10:00pm, everywhere in Latvia is the place for you!

Radiant Riga, Latvia!
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Why Liechtenstein?

Liechtenstein is so cute! Not only is it one of the smallest countries in the world, it’s an easy add-on to a Switzerland trip as well—they speak Swiss German and their official currency is the Swiss Franc! The people here are some of the kindest and most helpful I’ve ever met. The country is very walkable, and you can even walk up to Vaduz Castle where a real prince lives with his family! Liechtenstein is one of my favorite countries I’ve ever visited, and it’s great for solo travelers!

Where to Go in Liechtenstein

The capital city is Vaduz, and it’s a great place to base yourself. You can even walk to Switzerland or Austria if you want! Take in sweeping view of the snow-capped Alps, hike through the forest, and don’t forget to visit their wonderful museums while you’re there, too!

This is not a fairytale… or is it?
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Why Lithuania?

Lithuania shocked me. I didn’t really know what to expect from this small Baltic country. Didn’t it used to be part of the Soviet Union? What’s there? Is there enough to keep me occupied for a couple of days? But when I arrived, I found a beautiful, historic town that still values faith and religion. Cobblestone streets that lead to historic churches from every era and featuring every kind of architectural detail. The friendly people speak perfect English (along with 5 or 6 other languages as well!), and I could easily go back with plans to spend weeks exploring every inch of this charming country.

Where to Go in Lithuania

I can personally attest that Lithuania’s capital city, Vilnius, is a safe, beautiful, interesting, and fun city to visit. It was my introduction to the Baltics, and it just couldn’t have made a better first impression on me! But next time I go, I am definitely taking a hot-air balloon ride to Trakai. It’s a castle in the middle of a lake!

Stunning Vilnius, Lithuania
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New Zealand

Why New Zealand?

For the scenery! For the adventure activities! For The Lord of the Rings! New Zealand has some of the most epic scenery in the world, and some of the kindest people. New Zealand boasts kiwis, the Southern Lights, bungee jumping, and Polynesian Maori culture.

Where to Go in New Zealand

Heading to the North Island? Check out Auckland! Prefer the South Island? Checkout Christchurch, Queenstown, or Dunedin! I just spent 8 days road tripping the South Island with my sweet husband, but I would totally go it solo and I recommend it to you as well!

Pink Sunrise in Queenstown, New Zealand
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Why Poland?

Poland has had a rough go throughout its history, but their ability to come through and then joke about it is something I really admire about them. People back home were so worried about me going off to Poland by myself, but I never once felt that I was in danger or in an unsafe place. I took a free walking tour in Warsaw and two in Krakow, and I made friends with the tour guides and my fellow travelers on the tour! I found the people to be helpful and friendly, and the pride in their history is inspiring! Oh, and the sweet pierogis might just change your life!

Where to Go in Poland

I really enjoyed my time in Warsaw, and Krakow was endlessly interesting as well! If you want a more metropolitan city experience with amazing museums, Warsaw is for you. If you prefer well-preserved history, culture, and architecture, Krakow is your best bet! Also check out Gdansk for a seaside experience or Wroclaw for even more Polish culture!

Colorful architecture in Warsaw, Poland
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Why Qatar?

If you’re interested in visiting the Middle East but are a little unsure about it, Qatar is the best introduction to the region that you could ever imagine! It’s a very open country, and it’s one of the safest in the world. I loved the friendly people, the beautiful Arabian architecture, and the incredible food! You don’t have to wear anything special, but conservative clothing is recommended. It was a fantastic experience as a solo female traveler!

Where in Qatar

Well, there’s really only one major city: Doha! There is incredible shopping (both at beautiful new malls and traditional markets), amazing museums, and even camel riding and water sports in the desert!

Meet my new friend, Sawsan!
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Republic of Ireland

Why Ireland?

For the Cliffs of Moher! For a kiss to the Blarney Stone! To befriend a Leprechaun! There are countless reasons why solo female travelers love Ireland. The hospitality all over the country just made me feel welcomed and excited to be there. Driving on the left was not as hard as I thought it might be, and Ireland is one of the few places in the world where fog and rain only make the landscape more beautiful and even mystical!

Where to Go in Ireland

You really can’t go wrong, but I can personally recommend Dublin, Galway, Blarney Castle, and the Cliffs of Moher! The Dingle Peninsula and the Ring of Kerry are also popular, and because the country is on the small side, you can see a lot and cover a lot of ground even in just a few days!

Smooching that Blarney Stone!
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Why Singapore?

Singapore is an easy Asian destination, especially for Americans and English speakers. One of their official languages is English, they have an incredibly efficient public transportation system, and the Super Trees really are a sight to behold! If you like a mix of nature, culture, and city life, Singapore is the destination of your dreams.

Where to Go in Singapore

The downtown area is a great place to stay, as is Marina Bay. Be sure to visit the famous Merlion at Marina Bay, go up to the observation deck at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel, do not miss the Gardens by the Bay, and if you’re into shopping, be sure to check out the many high-end shopping areas!

The iconic Singaporean Merlion!
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Why Slovakia?

Slovakia shocked me with how much I enjoyed it. I really didn’t know much about it before I went. It was just a way point between Krakow and Prague for me, but it’s a place I think of with such great memories! Castles, knights, a blue church, a Napoleonic cannon ball lodged in the side of a building—it is an endlessly interesting place full of other solo travelers like me!

Where to Go in Slovakia

I stayed in Bratislava and enjoyed the old town, a free walking tour, the medieval architecture, and this awesome cafe called Shtoor. There are also ruins of Devin Castle on a cliff overlooking the Danube River. It’s beautiful! I imagine the rest of the country is just as beautiful, with people who are just as kind!

City Gate in Old Town Bratislava, Slovakia
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Why Switzerland?

Switzerland is pristine. Truly, it is one of the cleanest countries I’ve ever visited. Aside from that, it is simply covered with European charm and beauty! You can visit castles, medieval city gates and walls, beautiful churches, and epic natural scenery wherever you go. And who can’t get onboard with cheese and chocolate!

Where to Go in Switzerland

Any city you choose can pretty much be explored in a day, which is great, because that means you can cover a lot of ground and enjoy so much of what Switzerland has to offer in just a few days. Want year-round skiing and sweeping, iconic Alpine views? Zermatt or St. Moritz are the cities for you. Want to experience city life? Check out Zurich. Want stunning scenery and fairytale settings? Check out Lucerne, Interlaken, and Thun!

Alpine Village Views in Switzerland
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United Kingdom

Why the United Kingdom?

There is so much to see and do in the UK! Whether you love Shakespeare, Downton Abbey, the Titanic, or iconic Scottish castles, the UK will not disappoint. It’s an easy flight from the U.S. or Europe, and once you’re there, it’s easy to drive yourself, take the train, or fly between the cities you want to see.

Where to Go in the United Kingdom

I recommend London! It’s such an iconic place with so much history, you will definitely want to spend at least a day, and probably two or three days here! My recent trip to Wales was a rousing success, and so was my trip to Edinburgh with my brother! But the biggest surprise of all was how much I loved Belfast and all it has to offer. Think of experiencing the charm of the Cotswolds in jolly old England, touring the facility where the Titanic was built in Northern Ireland, hunting for the Loch Ness Monster in Scotland, or marveling at the gothic Cardiff Castle in Wales!

Can you guess my favorite iconic site in London?
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United States of America

Why the USA?

I might be a bit partial, but the USA is a pretty great place for solo travel. Whether you want tropical islands, mountains, early American history, or live music, there is a place in American for you! Americans are known for being happy and open, so you will always be able to find someone to help you if you need it. Just remember that the United States is very large! Flying or driving will be the best way to get between major cities, but check how long the drive will take before you go so you can decide if flying is a better option!

Where to Go in the USA

Anywhere you want! Some of my favorite solo travel destinations are Washington, D.C.; Block Island, RI; Nantucket, MA; Nashville, TN; Savannah, GA; and Alaska! But no matter what you want to see and do or where you want to visit, the United States is a great place for women to travel solo.

One of th emost epic photos I’ve ever taken: the U.S. Capitol Building
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This is not an exhaustive list; it’s just a starting point! Are you ready to make your mark on the world? Which of these destinations would you choose?

Inspired? Check out my Solo Travel Page for all my tips and solo travel hacks!

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