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10 Reasons to Visit Sydney



It’s Faraway Friday! This week’s post is all about my original “unreachable” travel dream: a trip to Sydney, Australia. Ever since I was a little girl, I was fascinated with Australia–unique animals, the Sydney Opera House, winter in the summer and summer in the winter–it was incredible to me! I always wanted to go, but I never thought it would happen–and thanks to my Love, Steve, it did! Here are 10 reasons you should consider a trip to the Land Down Under!

10. Touring the Sydney Opera House

We arrived on my birthday (one of Steve’s sweet details he put together to make this trip special!), and the first thing we did was take a tour of the iconic, world-renown Sydney Opera House! It was fascinating and kept our interest–great for fighting jet lag!

Inside the opera house!

9. Taronga Zoo

This is the place where one of my lifelong dreams came true: seeing a koala bear in Australia! This was an awesome zoo, but one of the best parts was getting there on the funicular!

Going up!
Sleepy koala!

8. Views from Sydney Tower

Sydney has really capitalized on its most attractive feature: itself! Views from every angle and every direction are impressive and breath-taking. But to take in the most panoramic and far-reaching of views, take a quick trip up to the top of Sydney Tower!

View of Sydney Harbor from the Sydney Tower!

7. Aussie Surf and Turf

Australia is just a different sort of world! Where else can you get prawns the size of your head and a kangaroo steak? Nowhere else I’ve been!


6. The Gardens

Because Sydney has such a mild climate, even in winter, they have beautifully manicured gardens, year-round! Sydney is a bustling city, but the powers that be have taken care to preserve some beautiful green spaces, too!

Aerial view of beautiful gardens!

5. Sydney Harbor

Sydney Harbor has always been important for transportation, but it’s also lovely to look at! Catch views from all angles and admire this world-famous natural harbor.

Sydney Harbor, complete with bridge and yellow water taxi!

4. Manly Beach

Take one of the yellow water taxis for a short ferry ride to beautiful Manly Beach! Whether you’re a beach comber, surfer, or just an ocean person, Manly Beach is a must-see any time of year. We were there in Sydney’s winter, but there were people out in the water anyway!

The view from Manly Beach
Sunset at Manly Beach

3. The Icons

Sydney is one of the most iconic cities in the world. From the Sydney Harbor Bridge to the Sydney Opera House to Sydney Harbor itself, everyone knows where you are when you show your pictures of Sydney.

Iconic Sydney

2. Sydney Harbor Bridge Climb

Steve insisted on doing this, and it was incredible! The views from the top cannot be beat, and it’s just one of those iconic things to do in Sydney. And I LOVE this picture of us together being young, in love, and on an adventure!

Love on the Bridge

1. See an Opera at the Sydney Opera House

This was the dream come true! We saw La Traviata, thankfully with subtitles, and even Steve enjoyed it! This was the one thing I wanted to do one day. That day was always far off in the future, until the day it happened! Get dressed up, buy your tickets well in advance, and get excited to experience one of the most iconic experiences in the world!

Ready for a night at the Opera!

Are you ready for your own trip to beautiful Australia? Make it your reality! You will not be disappointed, especially if your introduction to the country is incredible Sydney!

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