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Updated May 25, 2021.

It’s Travel Tip Tuesday! I recently set out solo in search of adventure and old world, seaside resort charm, and I found it on beautiful Block Island, Rhode Island. Why is Block Island a great solo travel destination? Here’s the shake-down on solo travel on Block Island!

Why Block Island? 

It’s cute! My husband Steve’s co-worker told me about it when I mentioned going to some islands this year, so I looked it up. It’s adorable because it is truly a scene right out of a Victorian seaside dream. I’m all for cute, historic, and unique, so Block Island fits the bill!

Imagining 19th century street cars and dirt roads!
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Is It Safe? 

Absolutely. I didn’t meet one person on the street who didn’t smile and wave back at me, and people still leave doors unlocked here. There is truly a small-town feel here. There are no stop lights on this island, and those who do drive here are used to cyclists, so I felt safe biking on the roads. There are lots of families who come here with their kids every summer, and we all know families do not take kids to unsafe places!

Block Island is one of the safest places I’ve ever been!
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Where to Stay?

Honestly, anywhere you stay will be adorable and safe, but in terms of ease for a solo traveler, I found it beneficial to stay near the Old Harbor area. Most accommodations are located here, as it’s an easy walk from the Old Harbor Ferry Terminal. I stayed at the 1661 Inn’s Dodge Cottage, which was 100% adorable.

Several establishments seemed to have some off-site properties for summer overflow, and since I booked my trip with only a week’s notice, that’s just about all that was left! Dodge Cottage was just down the hill from the main inn, 0.3 miles away. I checked in at the main property, and someone was there with a car to take me to the cottage with my luggage. I travel light, but it was nice to have someone show me where exactly the property was that first time!

The 1661 Inn
Dodge Cottage

How to Stay Occupied?

On one hand, there was a lot to do and see. But on the other hand, I felt like I had time to relax and take it easy, with no rush to get anywhere or do anything. I saw tons of people walking everywhere I went, but I rented a bike for the time I was there to make sure and see all of the island! In fact it was so nice, I saw some of it twice! Some of the highlights included the Southeast Light House, Painted Rock, Mohegan Bluffs, and ice cream at The Ice Cream Place!

Southeast Light House
Take the steps to the Mohegan Bluff lookout points!
IMG_7764 2
Day 2 at the Painted Rock: different colors!
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How to Save Money?

One of the downsides of traveling solo (there aren’t many!) is knowing you won’t be able to split any of your costs with someone else. But fear not! There are ways to save some cash while you’re on Block Island:

  • Meals: My accommodation provided a huge breakfast in the mornings, plus “wine and nibbles” in the afternoon. I was thinking it would be cookies and maybe some cheese and crackers, but no! There was cheese, fruit, crackers, veggies, dips, pita, and more! You could easily have a large breakfast, grab a bagel and peanut butter to go, and enjoy some hearty “nibbles” in the early evening. You’ve just saved yourself all of your food expenses for the day.
  • Biking: Go for the three-day bike rental. A one-day rental was $30, there was no two-day option (so you’d pay $60 for two one-day rentals), but a three-day rental was only $40!
  • Getting around: Bike or walk everywhere. Unless you’re staying very far inland, you should able to walk or bike to everything you need to get to, right from the ferry terminals. Skip the cab!
  • Touring: The Thursday Old Harbor Walking Tour with the Historical society starts at 10:00am at the Statue of Rebecca (you can’t miss her!), and it includes admission to the Historical Society’s museum as well. I didn’t know that until after I’d already paid entry to the museum on Tuesday!
  • Getting there: Take the traditional ferry from Point Judith. It’s an hour from Point Judith as opposed to a half hour on the hi-speed ferry, but it’s a nice ferry ride! And if you have bad weather, the hi-speed ferry will be cancelled before the traditional ferry.
AKA: Heaven on Earth
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