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Solo Travel: Savannah

The South! Home sweet home. The friendliest place around. Southern hospitality. Humidity out the wazoo. Fried food. Biscuits. What comes to mind when you think of the South? Whether you’re looking for a great step into solo travel or just want to see what all the fuss is about, Savannah is a wonderful choice! Here’s… Continue reading Solo Travel: Savannah

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Solo Travel: Cheyenne, WY

There’s no doubt about it: solo travel changed the course of my life! It’s exciting, it keeps me growing as a person, and it reminds me to be confdent because guess what: I can do it! And guess what else: you can, too. I actually wasn’t so solo on this trip, since I was visiting… Continue reading Solo Travel: Cheyenne, WY

Solo Travel Destinations · Wales

Solo Travel: Wales

Sometimes you stumble upon the perfect opportunity. Or perhaps, the perfect opportunity falls into your lap! That’s what happened with my trip to Wales back in March. The timing was right, so I took that perfect opportunity and ran with it. This was my first solo trip in a while, so it was tons of… Continue reading Solo Travel: Wales

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Solo Travel: Charleston, SC

Sometimes you just gotta go solo! I’ll be honest, I always prefer to travel with my husband. We really like each other, and he’s the best travel buddy! But when work makes him go on a business trip, I take the opportunity to have my own business trip—solo! Earlier this spring, he had a trip… Continue reading Solo Travel: Charleston, SC

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Solo Travel: Sydney, Australia

Are you ready to take the solo travel leap? If you’re like me, Sydney seems an impossible, unattainable dream—a trip of a lifetime! But it’s so far away. You can’t possibly deserve to treat yourself to a trip so dreamy, so frivolous, so FAR! But I’ve been to Sydney three times now, and the only… Continue reading Solo Travel: Sydney, Australia

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Solo Travel: Boston

Thinking of taking the solo travel leap? Boston is a great solo travel city! Here is your ultimate guide to making the most of your solo trip. Why Boston? For the History! And also, it’s very easy to get around because the T is easy to use, and it’s a very walkable city. Whether you… Continue reading Solo Travel: Boston

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21 Best Destinations for Solo Female Travel

Are you considering solo travel, maybe for the first time? It can be intimidating, particularly for women. But fear not! You totally got this. I am a firm believer that any place you go can be safe, but some places are generally safer than others if you’re just starting out and testing the solo travel… Continue reading 21 Best Destinations for Solo Female Travel

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Solo Travel: United States of America

Thinking of taking the solo travel leap? You know I think you should go for it! The USA is a great solo destination because it’s so diverse. You can experience the city life of New York City, ski in Colorado year-round, experience paradise in Hawaii, or even meet up-and-coming country music stars in Nashville! Why… Continue reading Solo Travel: United States of America

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Solo Female Travel: Doha, Qatar

It’s true, I set out solo to Doha, Qatar! It’s also true that I stayed with family friends who are from there. But after visiting, I can definitely recommend Qatar as a destination for solo female travelers. This post is your guide to taking on the most open Middle Eastern country—citizens of 80 countries can… Continue reading Solo Female Travel: Doha, Qatar

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Solo Travel: Switzerland

Why Switzerland? Because it’s wonderful! I’ve been to Switzerland more often than I’ve been anywhere other than my home country, and I just love it. The cheese, the bread, the hiking, the castles, the friendly people, the traveler-friendly transportation, the walkability of the villages. Switzerland is a fantastic solo destination for a multitude of reasons!… Continue reading Solo Travel: Switzerland