10 Reasons to Visit Vaduz

Updated August 14, 2020.

It’s Faraway Friday! This week it’s all about my new favorite tiny country: Liechtenstein! It’s been on my “must go” list for a while, but my sweet husband and I only recently went to visit for the first time. I highly recommend it to all travelers, and here are my top 10 reasons why you should consider a side trip to this amazing, tiny country!

10. To Relax

Our time in Liechtenstein was the most relaxing of our whole trip! There is plenty to keep you busy there, but not so much that you feel stressed or worried you’ll miss something–it’s a tiny country! Check out how we spent an hour or so our last afternoon there:

Just an afternoon at the indoor pool and spa!
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9. To Cross the Borders to Austria or Switzerland

OK, to Europeans, crossing a country’s border is no big deal. But to this American girl, it’s so fun! We walked all the way to Switzerland from Vaduz–about 20 minutes! You can also hike or walk to Austria, either up over the Alps or just up the Rhine River.

We took a romantic little walk to Switzerland–and he kissed me in the middle of the old covered bridge!
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8. For the Incredibly Friendly People

Liechtensteiners are some of the friendliest, most helpful people I’ve every encountered! The woman at the Liechtenstein Center helped us find the way to our hotel, gave us maps, and advised us on the most efficient way to use our first afternoon in the country. The next day, we went back in to get some more information, and she was thoughtful enough to ask if we found our hotel alright the night before! And she answered all of my (many) questions with a smile!

Liechtenstein Center Tourist Office

7. To Try the Wine

If you know me at all, you know I’m not a wine drinker! But even I had to marvel at the number of vineyards in Vaduz alone! In fact, the Prince himself invites the whole country over to the castle for a wine tasting party each year. Check out this antique wine press we stumbled upon!

Wine press!
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6. To Use Your Swiss Travel Pass

It sounds unusual, I know, but I was so delighted to find out that my Swiss Travel Pass is good for the buses and some of the museums in Liechtenstein as well! Liechtenstein is also on the Swiss Franc, so adding Liechtenstein onto a Swiss adventure is easy and so worthwhile!

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5. For the Hiking

If you like a beautiful and challenging hike, you can find more than one in Liechtenstein! The hike up to the castle is steep, but well-marked. The hike up over the Alps into Austria is more challenging–so much so that it’s impassable in the winter! We’ll have to go back for that one, but for now, here’s a shot of the Schlossweg, or Castle Path!

Going down!
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4. To Take Selfies with Royalty

Want to rub elbows (or shoulders) with European royalty? This could be your chance! There are a few statues around Vaduz, so keep an eye out, and take the opportunities you find!

Just a little mid-run royal photo shoot!

3. To See the Alps

Sweet little Liechtenstein is nestled between the Alps and the Rhine, creating scenic beauty you can only see here. The castle on the hill, the snow-covered mountains, the vineyards–it all adds up to a charming, beautiful place to spend a few days!

The Alps grace every background!
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2. To Visit the 6th Smallest Country in the World

That’s right! Only 5 other countries on Earth are smaller than Liechtenstein. It’s only 62 square miles, so it’s the perfect size for a quick trip!

1. To See an Authentic Castle where Royalty Still Lives

It’s true, there are countless castles all over Europe and the world. However, Liechtenstein’s Vaduz Castle is a rare one where the prince and his family still live! You cannot go inside this royal residence, but you can get some incredible views and take some beautiful photos!

Vaduz Castle

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