The Most Iconic Singapore Sites

Updated August 16, 2020.

This Motivation Monday is coming to you from the city-state of Singapore in exotic Southeast Asia! Never been to Singapore? Don’t know much about it? You may recognize some of these iconic spots. If you ever find yourself searching the world for Merlions and what appears to be a surf board in the sky, Singapore is the place for you! Here are the top 7 iconic sites.

The Merlions

What a Merlion? It’s the personification of Singapore! You’ll see them all around Singapore as monuments and mementos. The body looks like a fish’s tail (or mer-person’s body) to symbolize Singapore’s history as a sea village and its Javanese name Temasek, meaning “sea town.” The head of a lion honor’s the original Malay name Singapura, meaning “lion city!”

For more, click here for Merlion Park!

Gardens By the Bay

“Supertrees” are just the start! From sculptures to the Skywalk to the Flower Dome, you can find flowers from all over the world. You can take a trip to the mountains in the Cloud Forest, take in some shade from the vertical gardens of the Supertree grove, and even learn a thing or two about Singapore’s history in the Heritage Gardens. And don’t forget to take in the view across the bay from the East Garden!

Gardens By the Bay
Click here for more about the Gardens By the Bay!

Singapore Flyer

Want a bird’s-eye view? Make the Singapore Flyer your first stop! It’s one of the tallest wheels in the world, and the capsules are both fully enclosed and climate controlled–something you’ll appreciate 165 meters up and in the Singapore heat! You can see it from practically everywhere, which is one reason why it’s such an iconic symbol!

Singapore Flyer!
For more, check out the Singapore Flyer website!

Singapore ArtScience Museum

What’s that lotus-looking thing in the Bay? It’s the ArtScience Museum at the Marina Bay Sands! Now a distinctive part of the Singapore skyline, this museum houses international  traveling exhibits as well as permanent exhibits that showcase the influence of both art and science on our lives today.

ArtScience Museum
Want more? Check out the ArtScience Museum‘s website!

Helix Bridge

Also known as the Double Helix Bridge, this link from one side of the Bay to the other is iconic because it’s visually unique. Its four spirals create shade inside, and there are viewing platforms along the bridge as well. What’s even better? It’s FREE and open 24 hours a day!

The Helix Bridge
For more information about the Helix Bridge,
check out the Singapore Travel Hub website!

Marina Bay Sands Hotel

Though its only been open since 2010, it is possibly the most recognizable features of Singapore! It’s height and unique rooftop (complete with restaurants, observation deck, and infinity pool) make it impossible to miss! Even if you’re not staying at the hotel, you can purchase a ticket to the rooftop observation deck, but sorry, the pool is for guests only!

Marina Bay Sands
For more, check out my review of the Marina Bay Sands and take a look at their website!

Raffles Hotel

Like a Singapore Sling? This is the place that invented the signature drink! This landmark hotel opened in 1887 and is a National Monument. Many of Singapore’s iconic sites are very modern, but this hotel’s historic charm is exactly what makes it iconic. It is currently closed for renovations until late 2018, but stay tuned for its restored beauty!

Raffles Hotel, currently under construction!
Click for more about Raffles Hotel!

Are you ready to see these iconic places for yourself? Tell me in the comment section below! And for all my Singapore tips and recommendations, go to my Singapore Page!


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