Your Ultimate Guide to Solo Female Travel in Nantucket

Updated May 25, 2021.

This Throwback Thursday is a very special one–it’s all about going solo in Nantucket! Since my sweet husband Steve has been traveling a bit more for work lately, I’ve taken the opportunity to go on a few trips of my own, all on my own. I used to travel solo all the time, and I saw some unbelievable places. It’s fun and relaxing to go somewhere new on my own, and my tips and tricks can apply to both men and women travelers. Here is the solo travel low-down on beautiful Nantucket, Massachusetts!

Why Nantucket?

Why not? I like the 90s TV show Wings, I love islands, and I’d never been to an island in New England! I didn’t have any material on New England on the blog before I went, so it seemed like a great choice. That’s how I choose anywhere I go–where haven’t I been? Where do I want to go? What do I need for the blog?

One of the cutest streets in America!

Is it safe?

Nantucket is high-class, my friends. Well-to-do people do not go to shady places. However, anything can happen anywhere, so no matter where you are, you should be aware of your surroundings. I might be a dud, but I don’t go places at night. I’m usually so exhausted from the day that I don’t want to be out late anyway! Take a look at How to Outsmart the Pickpocket and Pickpocket Tricks of the Trade for more tips to stay safe anywhere.

One of the safest places I’ve ever been!

Where to stay?

Usually hotel rooms and some other accommodations have rooms for a minimum of two people, but the Jared Coffin House (the oldest hotel on the island) has some single-occupancy rooms at a much lower rate than their larger rooms! When searching for accommodations, but sure to select 1 room for 1 person. If the default on the site you’re using is 1 room for 2 people, it will not show you any single occupancy rooms. Also be sure to check Homeaway, AirBnB, VRBO, and typical hotel search websites to compare deals. I have not had good luck with AirBnB, but you can certainly do whatever you’re comfortable with!

The Jared Coffin House
Twin bed–works for me!
Charming wallpaper!
Dresser with complimentary water bottle.
Small, but private, bathroom with shower/tub, toilet, and sink
Comfy robe and slippers

How to stay occupied?

This is the best part of traveling solo: YOU decide where you go, what you do, and when you do what you want! You can check out my itinerary for Nantucket in 48 Hours for the details–I stayed busy the whole time. From historical sites, to museums, morning runs, a bike tour, a sailing excursion, and roaming around the beautiful Nantucket Old Town, I hardly sat down!

If you want to travel solo but start to feel the need to be around people after a while, take a tour. On Nantucket alone there are historic walking tours, ghost tours, sailing tours, fishing tours, and my personal favorite–bike tours! Use Trip Advisor to find the best ones.

On my bike tour!
Sailing in Nantucket Harbor!

How to save money?

Well, sorry, but Nantucket is not a budget destination. However, there are some money saving tips for solo travelers:

  • Choose an accommodation that includes breakfast: Even a continental breakfast is a little something to tide you over.
  • Choose a wise location: It might cost you $20 more to stay in town as opposed to “close” to town, but be sure to find out exactly how far “close” is and whether or not it’s safe to walk to and from town (are there sidewalks?). If you save $20 on your hotel but have to pay $30 round-trip for a cab or an Uber every day you’re there, you’re not saving any money–you’re spending more!
  • Be flight flexible: mid-week flights are often less expensive than flights on Friday-Monday.
  • Be flexible: The sailing tour I enjoyed on my trip was amazing and 100% worth the cost; however, the same tour a couple of hours later at sunset would have been $20 more. Maybe worth it, maybe not… I felt good about my choice to save $20.
  • Do a little research: While researching things to do in and around the town of Nantucket, I learned that the Shipwreck and Lifesaving Museum is four miles from town, but it’s accessible by bus. And you can get a FREE bus pass there and back from the Visitor Center at 25 Federal Street.
FREE bus pass
Highlighted route from my hotel to the bus location, thanks to the nice gentleman at the Visitor Center!

Ready for your own solo trip to Nantucket? I highly recommend it! And don’t forget to check out all my solo tips and guides on my Solo Travel Page!

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  1. This is awesome. I’m here alone for the summer and this is just what I needed 🙂 Thanks!

    1. quickwhittravel Avatar

      Oh, I’m so glad! And I’m a little envious that you get to be there all summer! Have SO MUCH FUN!

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