10 Reasons to Visit Heidelberg


It’s Faraway Friday! This week it’s all about Heidelberg. Where should you go for fun, history, beauty, adorable scenery, and more? Heidelberg! Here are my top 10 reasons why.

10. To Take Dependable Public Transportation

German efficiency is a real thing! I learned early after moving to the D.C.-area that I cannot trust the buses. Not so in Germany! I had four connections to make to get home after enjoying Heidelberg, and it had start with a three-mile bus ride. I was a little nervous, but it all literally went off without a hitch! Unlike my journey to get there: How to Get to Heidelberg, Germany.

Screen Shot 2017-12-09 at 7.49.43 AM
Catching the bus by moonlight!
9. The Churches

Heidelberg has four main, historic churches. They’re beautiful, and all are welcome. Make it a mission to visit them all and marvel at the architecture!

Formerly Catholic, this is now a Protestant Church of the Holy Ghost
8. To See the Largest Wine Barrel in the WORLD

I am not a wine fan myself, but even I had to be impressed with this gigantic wine barrel! It’s inside the Heidelberg Castle, and included in your admission ticket. It’s larger than my condo!

See the people in the shot for size comparison.
7. For Inspiration

If quiet time and inspiration are your thing, be sure to enjoy the Philosophenweg (Philosophers’ Way) when in Heidelberg. Philosophers and University professors have used the path for centuries to enjoy its solitude and be inspired by nature and the scenery across the Neckar River.

Inspiring sunrise on the Philosophers’ Way
6. For the Picture-perfect Scenery

Heidelberg was virtually untouched by the destruction of World War II. It is the picturesque, fairytale-style German village you have in mind when you think of Germany. Everywhere you look is a gorgeous view, whether it’s from the Philosophers’ Way, the funicular to King’s Throne, or just the view from one side of the river to the other, you’ll see why Heidelberg is such an enchanting place.

Heidelberg Schloss overlooking Altstadt 
5. For the Food

German food rocks. It just does! The cheese, the bread, and everything they make with those elements–it’s all dreamy. My personal favorites are spätzel and pretzels! Want more? Checkout What I Ate in Heidelberg and What I Ate at the Heidelberg Christmas Markets!

Kaesse met spaetzel: German mac and cheese!
4. To Explore the Adorable Old Town (Altstadt)

I’m a sucker for an old town, my friends. You probably know that about me if you have read much of my blog! This village nestled in a valley with the Neckar River running through will give you a taste of old Europe in the present time. Charm simply oozes from every element, and you can’t look to the left or right without seeing something that has witnessed centuries of history. If only those bricks could talk!

Altstadt (Old Town)
3. To Visit the Oldest University in Germany

Founded in 1386, this is the oldest university in all of Germany, as well as one of the oldest surviving universities in the world! There is a small museum inside highlighting its history, a beautifully restored assembly hall (pictured below), and even a student prison! Your 4 Euro ticket gives you access to all three.

Heidelberg University
2. For Schloss Heidelberg (Heidelberg Castle)

I’m an American girl. I swoon for castles, and this one is truly the iconic landmark of Heidelberg. Its oldest portion was built in 1214, and it had been added to over the centuries. A variety of wars, lightning bolts, and fires has left the castle in ruins, but for me, that only adds the romanticism! I visited the castle more than once in my 3 Days in Heidelberg!

Schloss Heidelberg, overlooking Altstadt
1. For the Christmas Markets

Okay, so this one is only good one month out of the year–but it’s wonderful! It is worth scheduling your trip around the Christmas Markets. You won’t be sorry! The warm scents, the tasty treats, the decorations, the roving musicians–it’s truly magical!

Kinderpunsch at the Pyramide!

Are you ready for your own Heidelberg adventure? Check out What to Know Before You Visit Heidelberg. Have you been before? Tell me below!

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