Your Ultimate Guide to Solo Travel in Wales

Updated May 25, 2021.

Sometimes you stumble upon the perfect opportunity. Or perhaps, the perfect opportunity falls into your lap! That’s what happened with my trip to Wales back in March. The timing was right, so I took that perfect opportunity and ran with it. This was my first solo trip in a while, so it was tons of fun to do my own thing and take full advantage of quality Quick Whit time! If you’re planning a solo trip and want to put Wales on your list, this post will be your ultimate guide!

Why Wales?

For the castles! If for no other reason, it’s worth coming to Wales to see the castles. You should also come for friendly people, natural beauty, and because it’s a bit off the beaten path. I think of it as a hidden gem!

Take a peek at the hidden gems around Wales!
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Is it Safe?

Yes! The most dangerous thing I encountered in Wales was the cobblestones. The people were friendly and helpful, and I never once felt like I was in a bad area.

There is no place safer than a fortress!
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How Can I Get There?

You can fly into Cardiff, but I was already set to be in London the weekend before, and fly out of Heathrow. I caught the train from Paddington to Cardiff, then on the way out I rode the National Express bus direct to Heathrow! You can also fly in and out of Bristol if that’s better for you. 

The National Express charter bus is a very comfortable and affordable way to get to Wales!
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Where Should I Stay?

I don’t normally do this, but DO NOT STAY AT THE ANGEL HOTEL. It was awful. I like to stay at local, charming, historic, boutique-type accommodations, but I would have been much better off at the Hilton or Holiday Inn, both of which are within sight and walking distance of Cardiff Castle. Read my Trip Advisor review here. 

That said, I definitely recommend staying at a property near the Castle, which is right downtown! There you’ll be close to shopping, parks, restaurants, and, of course, Cardiff Castle. 

If you have the choice to stay close to a Welsh castle, do it!
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How to Stay Occupied?

Check out my list of 10 Things to Do in Cardiff! If I had it to do over again, I would totally rent a car (don’t be afraid of driving on the left!) and explore more of Wales. Eat the Welsh Rarebit and Welsh cakes, tour some castles, explore adorable British villages, go for a hike, and visit their wonderful museums as well! 

Welsh cakes with a view of Cardiff Castle? Sure!
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How to Save Money?

The United Kingdom is noted for its priciness, but don’t let that stop you! There is decent public transportation (just £3.20 round-trip for the 32A bus from Cardiff to the Fagan Open-air Museum), the bus to Heathrow was only £21, and Welsh cakes across the street from the Castle were only £.50 pence! If you stay in the city center wherever you are, you’ll save on transportation costs, and if you make lunch your main meal instead of supper, you’ll save a bundle on food. 

See all of Wales in one free museum at the St. Fagan’s National Museum!
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Are you ready to put Wales on your solo travel to-do list? Tell me below!

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