Land of cheese, chocolate, the best bread you’ll ever taste, and the most pristine beauty. Switzerland is a country I’ve visited again and again!


Swiss Train Travel

St. Moritz

  • Snow Hiking in the Alps - It’s Motivation Monday! I’ll admit that I’m a little bit of a contradiction: I hate the cold, but I love the snow! My sweet husband and I both enjoy hiking anywhere we find ourselves in the world. And since this is the Year of Active Travel, I thought I’d do a little write up on theContinue reading "Snow Hiking in the Alps"
  • Overnight in St. Moritz - High up in the Swiss Alps, where the people speak Romansch and the snow falls in stark white beauty, lies a small village with a significant history. Beginning in 1846, St. Moritz became the original winter vacation destination. Since then it has hosted two Winter Olympic Games and become a winter resort city with high-endContinue reading "Overnight in St. Moritz"



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