The Baltics

One of my favorite trips to date is also one of the regions that was not even on my list! I can’t wait to get back to the Baltics!

The Baltics

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  • What to Eat in the Baltics - Happy What I Ate Wednesday! Today we're remembering the delightful Baltic cuisine from our recent trip to Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. What do they eat there? Find out below!
  • Why You Should Take the Luxury Bus in the Baltics - On our recent trip to the Baltic States, Steve and I decided that taking the Lux Express buses between Vilnius and Riga, then Riga to Tallinn, would be the most efficient for our travels. Buses are not that popular in the United States, but in Europe bus travel abounds!
  • So, What are the Baltics? - Each year, Steve and I take 10-14 days in August to explore a new and faraway land neither of us has visited before. This year, it's the Baltic States! Several people I've spoken with have been confused about the Baltics versus the Balkins, so I thought I'd shed some light on this former portion of the Soviet Union that sees so few American visitors!


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  • 10 Reasons to Visit Vilnius - I'm taking you to one of the more surprisingly pleasant destinations I've visited: Vilnius, Lithuania! It was our first stop on 2016's Trip of a Lifetime, and it was an incredible way to to start our journey through the Baltics. Here are 10 reasons you should start planning your trip soon while it's still a bit off most people's radar.
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