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5 Reasons Montreal is Your Next Weekender


This Faraway Friday is actually not so far away. Sometimes you need to getaway, but you just don’t have enough time for a long vacation. That’s where a Weekender comes in! Here are 5 reasons Montreal is an excellent option for an exotic trip that’s not too far from home!

1. It’s a short flight for a taste of Europe.

More specifically, a taste of France! The official language is French, much of the food has a French flair, the streets are like those of an old European village, and it’s all just minutes from the Canadian-US border!

Macarons of all colors!


Notre Dame Basilica
 2. The Metro/Bus System is one inexpensive flat rate.

And it’s astonishingly efficient! From Friday at 4:00pm until Monday at 5:00am, one $13.75 (Canadian dollar) metro car gives you full access to the entire metro and bus system. We found incredible helpful and comprehensive information here!


Tap and go!

Easy to learn system!
 3. It’s easy to get there.

There are multiple flights a day from the US into Montreal’s international airport (YUL), and it’s less than two short hours from DC. Once you get there, you can get your metro card, hop on the 747 bus (which has free wifi), and you’ll be in town in about 45 minutes. All taxis charge $40 one way from the airport to downtown Montreal, so the savings is not negligible! Check out the moonrise on the short flight up to Canada!

 4. You can hit the highlights in two days.

Sure, it would be great to stay a whole week or more, but Montreal is small and walkable, and with your unlimited metro pass, you can even get to the sites that are just outside the walking range!

Olympic Park

Botanical Gardens

Notre Dame Basilica

 5. It’s affordable. 

The US dollar is strong in Canada, so you get a great bang for your buck. That weekend in Europe doesn’t seem quite so far out of reach when you look at the exchange rate!

Canadian Dollars
Bonus: If you live in the US Eastern Time Zone, you have zero chance of jet lag!

Is Montreal moving up on your travel list?

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