The Best 10 Things to Do at Uluru

Updated August 11, 2020.

So, the thing to do at Uluru is, well, Uluru! But what does that mean? What exactly does one “do” at Uluru? There’s a lot, actually! Here’s a quick list of the best things to do at Uluru, besides just the Rock itself. You will be staying at the Ayers Rock Resort, and while it’s mighty spendy, they have done an excellent job of creating dozens of ways to enjoy the Australian Outback, the Rocks, and the middle of nowhere! Here’s my top 10 “must do” list.

10. Visit the Wintjiri Museum and Gallery

This is a FREE activity at the Desert Gardens accommodation at Ayers Rock Resort! It’s a museum and art gallery, where you can learn about the history of the area, the Rocks, and the Anagu people’s artwork. You can even buy some to take home with you, so you always remember your trip! 

Timeline of Events
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9. Visit the Camel Farm

Yes! There are camels in the Australian Outback. They were brought over to do work, and since it’s the desert, they do very well out there. Now they take people on rides around the farm, or even out to the rocks, and they are so sweet! While you’re there, don’t miss the emu, mules, sheep, goats, kangaroo, and other animals on the farm as well! 

Sweet Camels preparing for a tour!
Don’t forget to visit the resident emu and kangaroos!
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8. Hike to the Imalung Lookout

Some rooms at the various resort properties have views of Uluru, but ours did not! That’s no problem, though, because you can see it clearly from the Imalung Lookout, in the middle of the resort. It’s a short walk up a red sand dune, and you can catch a beautiful sunrise or sunset from there any and every day. And it’s FREE!

A morning view from the Imalung Lookout
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7. Walk Through the Field of Light

At the moment, the Field of Light display is only available through December 31, 2020, but that could be extended, so stay tuned! We got to have dinner and walk through the light display near Uluru, and it was beautiful. I recommend it if it’s still available when you go. 

Field of Light
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6. Take the Walpa Gorge Walk at Kata-Tjuta

There are several ways to enjoy Uluru and nearby Kata-Tjuta, including Steve’s and my favorite: hiking! But if you prefer more of a scenic walk than a rugged hike, take the Gorge Walk at Kata Tjuta. Unfortunately for us, we had to choose between the walk and the hike at Kata Tjuta, but we will take the walk next time! 

Walpa Gorge Walk is the Gray Line
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5. Eat High-end Bush Food

Food is an integral part of every culture, and therefore an important experience when traveling! Australian Bush foods include kangaroo, emu, tomato relish, local honey, wattleseed, and more! Try them all while you’re there to get an authentic taste of the Outback. 

Little Wattleseed Cakes
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4. Hike the Valley of the Winds at Kata-Tjuta

If you want a rugged, epic, beautiful 5-mile hike, this is the one for you! We kept looking up and marveling at the gigantic scenery and vibrant colors all around us. The red rock against the blue sky with the pastel green on the trees, it was incredibly beautiful. I can’t recommend it enough! 

It’s hard to show you just how big it is, so here’s Steve walking on a rock for perspective!
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3. Soar Above It All in a Helicopter

You know Steve and I love to fly, but flying in a helicopter is an entirely different experience! We flew up and around Uluru, with views of Kata Tjuta in the distance. It’s so flat out there, you can see forever, but not to the next town. Being up there and looking around showed me just how big those wide-open Outback spaces are. 

Approaching Uluru via Helicopter
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2. Take the Base Walk Around Uluru

You really can’t quite grasp how big Uluru is until you get up-close and personal with it. The Base Walk (literally the walking trail around the base of the Rock) is a full seven miles around, and it’s just so big! When at Uluru, take the Base Walk. 

In case you’re not sure… it’s really big!
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Don’t feel like walking seven miles? You can also rent a bike or take a Segway!

The Segways were very popular!
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1. Take in the Sunrise and Sunset

Without question, the best thing to do at Uluru is to take in the sunrise and the sunset. Seeing the colors change on the rock was a stunning experience in both cases. There are so many sunrise and sunset tours, you could see the sunrise and sunset every day on a different tour and get a new perspective twice each day! It’s definitely the thing to do, even if you don’t do anything else. 

Dramatic Sunrise over Uluru
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