What to Know Before You Visit Zurich

Updated August 15, 2020.

It’s Travel Tip Tuesday! Steve and I recently took a trip to Zurich, and while it was one of our most laid-back trips ever, we still learned a lot! Check out our top tips for your next trip to Zurich.

How to Use the Tram

I did not grow up with an option to use public transportation, and while public transit is available where I live now in the D.C. area, it’s often unreliable! So I’m very nervous about using public transportation when I travel.

The Tram!
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But because Switzerland is known for its organization and timeliness, we felt pretty good about taking their public transit when we needed to! To take the tram:

Purchase your ticket at your hotel’s concierge desk or at any tram station.

Switch the screen to the language you’re most comfortable with and follow the prompts to purchase your ticket.

Validate your ticket at the blue box.

Slide your ticket into the slot to the left of the screen to validate the ticket.

Hop on! The stops are listed on a screen, so you won’t miss your stop.

We knew our stop was Triemli, so we knew what to look for!

How to Get to the Uetliberg Hike

Speaking of the tram, you can take it to the Triemli Station to get to the trailhead for Uetliberg Mountain. Take the #14 tram and you’ll be there in about 20 minutes!

It’s a beautiful and romantic hike!
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Cut Under the Train Station

One of the best tips I can give you is to cut through the train station under the streets. You’ll save a lot of time rather than crossing several roads and walking around the station! I think you’ll be impressed, actually, because it’s basically like an underground mall with plenty of shops, cafes, and grocery stores to peruse!

Take the stairs to cut under the train station!
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This Amazing Photo-op is the Lindenhof

The Lindenhof is an old Roman fortification, which is, of course, on a high point with a spectacular view! It’s an ideal spot for photo-ops, a picnic, or just a rest with gorgeous scenery.

Get the best views from the Lindenhof!
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Many Businesses are Closed on Sundays

One of the biggest attractions in Zurich is the Bahnhofstrasse (literally, “train station street”). It’s a main shopping and dining district, so we were a little surprised that so few businesses were open on a Sunday afternoon! Plan accordingly!

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