Your Ultimate Guide to Solo Travel in Bratislava, Slovakia

Updated May 25, 2021.

Who loves solo travel? We do! One of my most favorite trips ever–and favorite solo trips–was my visit to Bratislava in 2012. I still recommend this beautiful town to everyone who’ll listen–and today, that’s you! So here are some things you might be curious about if Bratislava is on your “to go” list!

Why Bratislava?

Why not? It’s beautiful, historic, and it boasts more than one castle! The people were very friendly, so any time I needed directions, all I had to do was ask! There was so much to keep me busy, including museums, historical sites, tours, and my favorite detail: a cannon ball that Napoleon’s army lodged into the side of a building over 200 years ago! They even paint it black against the rest of the building’s yellow paint so everyone knows it’s there!

Photo op with Napoleon!
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Is it Safe?

Yes! I felt 100% safe walking around there by myself. Slovakia is one of the safest countries in Europe! Be smart, don’t flash your money around, keep your eye on your phone–just do the normal stuff you do for safety purposes at home or anywhere else. Don’t go out drinking late at night. But really, people were so kind, and I never felt threatened.

Feel protected yet?
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How Can I Get There?

You can fly there, take a bus, or do what I did and take a train! There was a night train I took from Krakow, Poland, but you can basically take a train from anywhere in Europe! Nearby cities include Vienna, Prague, and Budapest!

Beautiful Bratislava!
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Where to Stay?

I always recommend staying as close to the city center or old town district as possible, and I recommend the same for Bratislava! The public transportation is good, but I personally always have a better experience wherever I go if I can walk everywhere I want to go instead of taking a bus or train in each day, so that’s what I recommend!

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How to Stay Occupied?

I was there for two days and wish I had planned to be there a full week! There was so much to see and do. Take a walking tour, count how many statues you find and choose a favorite, tour Bratislava Castle, visit the many museums in and around town, and take the bus over to Devin Castle! Make sure to gawk a while at the Blue Church (affectionately nicknamed by the locals as the “Smurf Church”), and dine on halusky in an historic restaurant!

My FREE walking tour included a stop at the “Smurf Church”!
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How to Save Money?

Take the FREE walking tours with Be Free Tours! They have several to choose from, and I thought it was a fantastic way to get to know the city. The Slovak National Gallery has free admission, and don’t forget to admire the statues Bratislava is so famous for around town!

Also, plan your eating strategy: have a big breakfast, a late lunch, and snack on a little something in the evening instead of going for a big meal at the most expensive eating time of day! Bratislava was not an expensive destination, especially compared to many other countries on the Euro in Europe.

Local sheep’s cheese and homemade brown bread kept me going until mid-afternoon!
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6 responses to “Your Ultimate Guide to Solo Travel in Bratislava, Slovakia”

  1. I would like to see that canon ball,

    1. It was the funniest thing!

      1. A piece of history, but comical today

  2. We lived in Bratislava for a year and a half before moving back to Sweden in 2014. Can only agree that it is probably as safe as any other place, I would even say that I felt safer in Bratislava than in Stockholm. Due to the small size, it is also really easy to get around. It might, however, be a bit harder to locate some of the sights that are not within the old town. 🙂

    1. How exciting to have lived in Bratislava! It really is one of my most favorite places I’ve been. The locals were so helpful, I never had trouble finding anything!

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