The Best Bags for All Your Travels

Confession: I’m not terribly girly. I don’t do make up, I don’t like to spend more than about five minutes on my hair, and I don’t really care about clothes. You know what I love, though? BAGS. I love cute bags! But more than that, I love smart, useful travel bags! A friend (and my most loyal reader!) recently inspired me to write a complete blog post about the bags I love for travel, and I thought it was a great idea! So here you go: All the best bags for every aspect of your travels.

Backpack Luggage

I know, I know, roll-aboards are trendier. You know the thing about trends, though? They’re not that great, and when you look back at yourself after a few years, you laugh at their ridiculousness! The other thing about roll-aboards is the fact that they take up a lot of unnecessary space, both in the overhead bin, and while you drag them behind you in the airport.

The solution? An ergonomically sound backpack. It’s sturdy, yet flexible, it’s easy to carry, yet packed full of the things you need. It has pockets to help you stay organized! And best of all, it fits into the overhead bin, so you never have to wonder if your bag made it to your destination with you or not. Osprey makes the best ones I’ve found. I have three of them, and Steve has one that matches one of mine!

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Personal Item

Your personal item choice is, well, personal. But I never like to keep my travel secrets, so I’ll let you in on this one: My backpack! I know, I know. I have a backpack on my back already (see above). But I also carry one similar this the one below on my front! That way, I have all my essentials at my fingertips: Wallet, phone, water bottle, etc. It also fits under the seat in front of me, so I have my book and laptop when I need some entertainment in-flight.

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Day Bag

I like to get down and dirty on my travels. Like, muddy dirty. Sweaty dirty. “I did something today!” kind of dirty. As such, I also like to have a separate, packable, washable bag for hikes, day trips, and more adventures! It’s perfect because it becomes so small, and I can keep my other bags clean for the flights home.

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Dry Bag

If you’re headed to the ocean, lake, river, or rainforest, do not forget your dry bag! I have one of each style below, and I absolutely love them. They’re basically indestructible, and they keep all my valuables safe in the rain and in the water. It’s perfect for a day at the beach (did I mention these float on their own?), in a canoe or kayak, and for an unexpectedly rainy hike.

The best part, however, is that you can take it into the water with you if you happen to be traveling solo. No more leaving your valuables on the beach and hoping for the best! They come in over a dozen colors and patterns, so pick the ones that you like best.

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Secure purses are not always the most fashionable, but they are definitely the most useful on travel. If you can find one you love, never let it go! The good thing about purses that are pickpocket proof and secure is that they’re also usually sturdy and long-lasting. Look for something “slashproof,” with “locking zippers,” or plenty of hidden pockets. A cross-body bag or backpack is best, but not always fool-proof. Just be aware of your surroundings, no matter how secure your purse is!

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I love a pretty, functional wallet, but when it’s also RFID blocking, that’s over-the-top in the best possible way! The options below come with plenty of pockets, zippers, and RFID blocking material!

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What’s your favorite travel bag or accessory? Comment below!

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