The Best Gift Cards for Travelers

Scrambling for a last-minute gift? Maybe you drew the name of that cool person at the office who’s always jetting off on a trip and you don’t know what to get them? I have your solution! While many people feel like a gift card is too impersonal, I believe the right gift card can be perfectly thoughtful. I know I appreciate them! Here are the BEST gift cards for travelers!

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My husband and I have stayed at many hotels, across a variety of hotel brands over the years. And that is largely thanks to! We prefer hotels to vacation rentals, but you can also find vacation rental deals here these days, too. When the traveler in your life sees this in their stocking or inside a Christmas card this year, they’ll know you really care! Click here to get a gift card.

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Air BnB

I know some travelers who will only ever stay at an Air BnB. That’s loyalty! For the traveler in your life who wants the quirkiest, most random, most interesting story about where they stayed on their vacation, this is the gift card they want you to give them. Click Here for an Air BnB gift card.

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Uber and Uber Eats

This one pulls double duty! Whether you give your favorite traveler an Uber gift card or an Uber Eats gift card, they can use it for either service. This gift comes in handy for airport transportation, as a rescue from a long walk, or food when they’re desperately hungry and jet lagged. Take it from a professional traveler, it’s always a winner! Click here for Uber (or Lyft!) gift cards.

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If you know me, you know I always prefer to advocate for small, unique, local coffee shops. But you know what else? When you’re in a random airport, a Starbucks gift card pretty much can’t be beat! Even if your traveler is not a coffee drinker, they could at least buy a water and a sandwich in a pinch. Airport food is expensive, so they’re sure to be grateful that their next airport meal will be on you! Click here to get a Starbucks gift card.


Travelers are frugal. Why would a traveler get a Spotify subscription every month when they could buy an airplane ticket instead? So, they listen with irritating ads. The bummer? Without a subscription, Spotify is not available without cell signal or wi-fi (also something they’re likely not paying for in-flight!).

But if you give them a Spotify gift card, they can subscribe for a month or two (likely strategically organized around long-haul trips), and they’ll have their favorite playlists and podcasts downloaded to listen to at will! Click here for a Spotify gift card.

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You never know what’s in someone’s Amazon cart, waiting to be purchased if only the price would drop. Or what about that last-minute thing they don’t know they need for a trip until just a few days before? An Amazon gift card may seem generic, but sometimes it’s exactly the right thing! Click here for an Amazon gift card.

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It’s not just for rock climbers! REI has so many useful travel finds, from luggage backpacks to travel-smart clothing, from hiking boots to compression socks and beyond! Even if your travel lover doesn’t have an REI nearby, their online store is always open! Click here for an REI gift card.

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Their Favorite Small Business

Travelers, in general, are a pretty conscientious bunch. They save all they can for travel, but they also want to support their favorite small business, their friends’ start-up businesses, and their favorite local coffee shop. Ask them what their favorite small business is, then either go online or call the business and ask if they have gift cards available!

Ask about their favorite local coffee shop, mom-and-pop restaurant, or the shop their friend started!
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