Paradise Lost and Found

Updated June 27, 2020.

I did it! I published a book. Quarantine has not been my favorite time in life, but it has perhaps been one of the most productive. I needed a little escape, and I thought others might need a little bit of a break, too. Since I was already revamping the website (and letting someone else do the technical stuff for me!), I decided to write a book and offer it to my newsletter subscribers. We all need a little escapism right now, and travel-related reading is always a winner!

A good story and gorgeous views can take your mind off the moment!

What’s it about?

Sadie Taylor has never taken a vacation. In the six years since she graduated college and started working as a proofreader for a company in Nashville, she has accumulated 480 PTO hours (that’s Paid Time Off). When her company’s new owners tell her she has to use them all in the next six months, she panics a little, then books a trip to Kauai, Hawaii, a place she’d never even heard of before the day she booked it.

Her whole life has been tied up in school and work, and that is how she likes it, or so she believes. Her adventures and misadventures against the backdrop of exotic Kauai could make for some great stories to tell her co-workers… but she has to survive those adventures first!

This is a photo I took on our anniversary trip to Kauai in 2016. It helped inspire the book!

How can I get it?

It’s FREE and easy! You don’t even have to have an e-reader to download it.

  1. Sign up for my monthly newsletter here. (If you’re subscribed to the blog already, meaning you get an e-mail every time I publish a new blog post, that’s not the same, so you’ll need to sign up for the newsletter, too!) I won’t bombard you with a bunch of e-mails, and I never sell my subscribers’ information. I will be sending out exactly one newsletter e-mail per month with exclusive content, sneak peeks into what’s coming on the blog, and more info on the rest of the books in my Lost and Found series!
  2. Download the book from the link in the e-mail you receive! It will be a PDF file, so you can download it to your phone, computer, or, of course, your e-reader.
  3. Read it and tell your friends!
Get travel inspiration and a new book every month for the rest of the year, and maybe beyond!

I hope you love the book and that you’ll be excited for the next one as soon as you finish the first! While you’re at it, don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and Facebook @QuickWhitTravel. I’m letting my social media friends pick the covers of all the books in my Lost and Found series! I’ll be posting the choices for my next book soon, so stay tuned!


Get the paperback now! The FREE version was only available to my newsletter subscribers until June 30, but now it’s available for Kindle and in Paperback on Amazon! Get your copy here:

You can get the rest of the Lost and Found Series for FREE before they also come available on Amazon when you sign up for the newsletter!

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