The Ultimate List of Useful Solo Travel Gear

Solo travelers are a rare bunch. We’re fun, determined, ready to roll with the punches, and when it’s all said and done: we’re confident! We’re also kind of anxious sometimes, irritated that we only have two hands, and sometimes we wish we’d left a few things at home. If you’ve ever felt like that, this list will help you be more prepared than your average solo traveler. These are my favorite products to make solo travel a little easier, a little more comfortable, and even a little less stressful!

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The Best Luggage

Your luggage will make or break your solo trip. Roller luggage requires use of one of your only two hands. The wrong fit for your backpack can cause back issues. Too small and you won’t have everything you need. Too big and you’ll fill it up with things you don’t need!

Enter Osprey. This is not sponsored, they’re just my favorite backpack luggage brand! Their fix or replace policy means you’ll always have a functioning backpack, and they have basically thought of everything: zipper pockets, compression, stow-ability, ergonomics, all of it! You can totally pack for a weekend getaway (or a weeklong summer escape) in a 30 L size, but for longer trips (or chilly winter trips), I recommend a 40-46 L.

I prefer a backpack to roller luggage because I like to keep my hands free for cards, tickets, phone, coffee, passport… anything I need my hands for in the course of my travels!

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A Packable Backpack

Since airline passengers are often allowed a carry-on and personal item, I usually travel with my carry-on backpack and a separate backpack strapped on to my front. Again, it’s all so I can have my hands free and have my essentials easily accessible in front of me! I like packable backpacks because they fold down into a little square and take up almost no space! This one comes in a ton of colors, and I love the convenience of the zipper pocket right in front.

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A Pair of Leggings with Pockets

We all love pockets. When we’re traveling solo, they’re even more invaluable. There’s no one else to turn to and say, “Here, hold this!” while we rifle around in our bag for our passport, keys, wallet, cash, a pen, our phone, etc., etc., etc. There is only you. And your pockets.

I love leggings as much as the next girl. They’re so much more comfortable than jeans, but jeans have so many wonderful pockets. Thank goodness a woman started designing leggings! Now we have pockets, ladies. We’re juggling enough things already!

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A Jacket with Zipper Pockets

Are you noticing a trend? Pockets, compartments, and zipper protection are your BFFs when traveling solo! I’m always chilly on planes, and sometimes I just want my headphones, phone, charger, and a snack on me in flight without having to get up and root through my bag in the overhead bin or under the seat in front of me (I’m little; sometimes I can’t reach it!). So, a jacket with pockets is essential!

But what’s just as important as pockets for storage? Zippers to keep things where they’re supposed to be. I do not buy a jacket that doesn’t have pockets. And I don’t recommend you do either. This jacket has zipper pockets!

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An Octopus Tripod

Full confession: I hate taking photos of myself. But my mom, my husband, and my Instagram all need me to take photos of myself when traveling solo! I got an octopus tripod a few years ago, and it’s incredibly helpful when I’m going it alone. It can stand on its own, but the cool part is that it can also wrap around something to get a better angle. I’ve attached it to benches, chairs, railings, tree limbs, and more. It’s got a bluetooth shutter that takes a photo for you from a distance, so your biggest worry will be where to hide the shutter in your hand. Easy!

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A Flygrip Phone Attachment

This one is not sponsored and not an affiliate link! This is the best phone grip and kickstand I’ve found, and I love it. My phone is not moving, not slipping, and not falling on the ground with this! It sticks out a little bit from the back of the phone, but I got used to that quickly. It comes in a ton of designs, but I like the Bethany Hamilton collection best! The one in the photo below is the one I got for myself!

Click here for yours!

I have this one myself and I love it!
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