Summer Lost and Found

Have you signed up for my newsletter yet? If not, you’re missing out! I have a series of FREE e-books coming out every month until the end of the year. New traveler Sadie has to use 400 hours of vacation time in six months, or else! Last month Sadie visited exotic Kauai, Hawaii–her first vacation ever! This month’s book will take you to the beautiful, friendly, island of Nantucket!

What’s it about?

Sadie Taylor has two jobs: proofreading for major editing firm Thrive Life, and using 400 hours of vacation time. After a less-than-perfect-yet-life-changing trip to gorgeous Kauai, she decides to visit an island of a different sort: Nantucket. While there she enjoys lobster, friendly locals, laid-back island life, and cool sea breezes. 

But she’s about to find out that the best laid travel plans mean nothing in the grand scheme of things. Air travel is good when it’s good, and awful when it’s bad. Will Nantucket be the epic travel experience she thinks it is, or will she give up on travel altogether?

Classic, iconic Nantucket!

How can I get it?

It’s FREE and easy! You don’t even have to have an e-reader to download it. 

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Love lobster? You’ll love the book!

I hope you love the book and that you’ll be excited for the next one as soon as you finish this one! While you’re at it, don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and Facebook @QuickWhitTravel. I’m letting my social media friends pick the covers of all the books in my Lost and Found series! I’ll be posting the choices for my next book soon, so stay tuned!

Missed the first book?

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