The Best Gifts for Eco-friendly Travelers

Whether or not you’re a tree hugger, you know it’s gotten easier over the last few years to find good, sustainable products that actually can go toe-to-toe with less sustainable options. The items below are some of my go-tos for travel, and they’ll make perfect gifts for the sustainability-minded traveler in your life!

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Solid Toiletries

Liquids take up a lot of valuable TSA-approved toiletries bag space. Sure, you can take 3.4-ounce containers with you, but you can only fill up one quart-sized bag. After contact solution, face moisturizer, wrinkle releaser spray, lotion, etc., etc., etc., that doesn’t leave a lot of space! That’s where solid toiletries come in. You’d be amazed at how many solid options there are for things that have traditionally been liquid only. These make perfect stocking stuffers, but even better, they won’t leak inside anyone’s luggage!

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Bamboo Makeup Remover Pads

I use these both on the go and at home! I put a little coconut oil on one of them (a little goes a long way), wipe off my makeup (especially around the eyes), and then toss it in the included mesh bag to be washed with my next load. They’re very gentle on the face, and they take up practically no space in your luggage. I love them!

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A Reusable Travel Mug

This one goes above and beyond sustainability. This is a life hack, y’all. Reusable mugs and water bottles are absolutely essential to travel, whether you’re health-conscious, on a tight budget, or trying to live sustainably. My favorite is leak-proof, and even better if I can bring my own tea bags!

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Bamboo Cutlery

I can’t tell you the number of times my husband and I have gotten take-out in our travels, only to find when we get back to the room that there are no utensils! These bamboo sets come with a spoon, fork, knife, chopsticks, straw, and straw cleaner!

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Sustainable Collection from Emily Hsu Designs

I discovered Emily Hsu Designs earlier this year when I went on the hunt for American Made exercise gear. Her high-quality, beautiful, creative, affordable designs change with the seasons, so there’s always something fresh! This year, she started an eco-friendly, sustainable collection that biodegrades after being discarded (but trust me, you won’t be throwing these away any time soon!).

The fabric breaks down after three years in the specific landfill environment, which is quite literally hundreds of years before regular workout gear breaks down. This particular collection comes in several colors and patterns. My favorite part, though, is that some of the leggings options include a side pocket! Click here to buy directly from Emily Hsu Designs. Bonus: Get FREE shipping when you spend $50!

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