The Best Stocking Stuffers for Travelers

My mom texted me in July and asked, “What can I get for Steve’s stocking?” We like to plan early! So, I’ve been thinking about this one for a while. Here are the best stocking stuffers for the traveler in your life. You’re welcome!

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Packable Day Bag

I don’t know if I can enumerate just how many uses there are for a packable day bag. I take one with me wherever I travel, and I’m always glad I have it! Whether the traveler in your life enjoys hiking, heading to the beach, walking around a new city, or always seems to need an extra piece of luggage for the journey home, this bag has them covered!

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Smartwool Socks

I got a pair of these from my friend and fellow runner Kelly for Christmas last year, and I’m hooked! Smartwool is warm, but best of all, it’s also not itchy! All the socks from Smartwool are made in America, and they have everything from lounge socks to running socks to fun socks!

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Tell me one thing: How cute are slippers in your stocking for Christmas?! I always travel with a pair of slippers on long-haul or red-eye flights. Why? Because my feet fall asleep inside my shoes when I sit for too long. And shoes are generally uncomfortable. That’s why travel slippers are the perfect, thoughtful gift for the traveler in your life! The best ones have a rubber sole (because airplane bathrooms are… well, you can imagine), and even better if they’re reusable!

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Sanitizer Wipes

We travelers can’t stay in anymore. Travelers gotta travel! We’re not afraid, but we’re also smart and possess more common sense than the common man. A travel pack of sanitizer wipes will be appreciated, and they fit so nicely inside a Christmas stocking, you know?

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Face Mask

We’re over it. We’re all over it. But the airlines are not over it. If your travel-loving loved one is still using their 2020 masks, it might be a nice gesture to get them a fresh set. Because you know they don’t want to face buying new ones themselves. This one comes in a variety of colors and is made in the USA!

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Eye Mask

Sleep is the elusive best friend of the traveler. Airplanes are visually distracting, jet lag is for real, and once travelers get home, they’re jet lagged again! Enter: Eye Masks. My husband uses one every night, and he sleeps far better than I do–both on a plane and at home!

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Solid Toiletries

I realize that to most people, solid toiletries sound boring. But to a traveler, solid toiletries are solid gold! These save invaluable room in a carry-on liquids bag, and there’s no fear of them bursting in anyone’s luggage and ruining what’s in there. Solid is the way to go! My favorite unexpected solid toiletries are conditioner bars, toothpaste, and sunscreen!

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Exercise Bands

This is a gift for the traveler you know really well, so as not to unintentionally hurt any feelings! But for real, these are awesome for travel, and they fit literally anywhere–including inside a stocking! Even if they already have a set, it’s always good to have an extra set for travel!

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Travel Snacks

Through all the many years of my mom filling a stocking for me, one thing has always had a place in there: Snacks! Usually it’s chocolate, but I always appreciate individually-wrapped snacks like protein bars, trailmix, dried fruit, and jerky! Anything I can take on a long flight with me makes me think of travel, and what traveler doesn’t want that for Christmas?

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