Confidence Lost and Found

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What’s it about?

Sadie is probably the most disappointed person on her flight to O’ahu. As of two days ago, her November trip was supposed to be to New York City to visit her friend-but-maybe-more, Kwon. But all that changed with one text, so now she’s headed back to where her travels started: Hawaii. 

With her self-confidence practically shattered, she’s not sure if anything she thinks she knows is right. The weather has changed back home, and the gloom of fall has taken its toll on her as well. Is a tropical getaway just what she needs, or is she wrong about that, too? 

Spoiler alert: Sadie gets to stay at the Royal Hawaiian!
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How can I get it?

It’s FREE and easy! You don’t even have to have an e-reader to download it. 

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There might be sushi involved.
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