The Ultimate Gifts for the Tech Savvy Traveler

It’s Christmastime! I don’t know about you, but I love getting the perfect gifts for the people I love–especially the ones who seem nearly impossible to buy for! I’ll be the first to admit that travelers are notoriously difficult giftees. They’re never home (well, except in 2020!), they generally don’t really need or want “stuff,” and while the gift of cash for plane tickets is always a safe way to go, sometimes you want to give someone a more personal gift.

Add to the mix a traveler who loves technology, and sometimes that’s even more difficult! They’re kind of choosey, they’re always talking about new technology you’ve never heard of, and they’re a little intimidating. In case you need some gift inspiration for the tech savvy traveler in your life, I’ve got the perfect guide for you!

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Airfly Wireless Transmitter

Y’all, this is cool. Bluetooth technology, wireless headphones, and AirPods have been on the market for years, but airplanes have yet to adapt. Luckily, Airfly came up with the perfect solution. This little transmitter plugs into the airplane TV system so you can use your bluetooth headset to watch the TV and movies on the plane! For years I’ve had to bring two sets of headphones when I travel–one for my phone, the other for the plane–or settle for watching the tiny screen on my phone. But no more!

Airplane Phone Mount

Prefer to watch on your phone? Airplane didn’t come with a seatback entertainment system? No problem! This travel-friendly attachment will hold your phone at normal eye level so you can watch on your phone screen easily and comfortably.

Wireless Eyemask

Anyone else have trouble sleeping on a bright, noisy flight? Just me? I know it’s not just me! This genius eye mask is the perfect solution. It’s bluetooth-enabled, so it can connect wirelessly to your phone, laptop, or wherever you keep your soothing music or calming white noise. Oh, and it blocks the light, too.

Waterproof Earbuds

AirPods are great! Unless you’re a swimmer. Or a surfer. Or a kayaker. Or a heavy sweat-er, like my husband! But these waterproof earbuds take the stress out of your more adventurous activities. They stay put during the toughest HIIT workouts, charge quickly, and they’re waterproof!

Espresso Maker

Do you know a coffee-loving traveler? Me, too! There are a lot of us out there, fighting the good fight against jet lag with maximum caffeine consumption. This cool, travel-friendly espresso maker is one of the best travel items I’ve seen in a long time. It requires no batteries, cords, electricity, or anything besides hot water and espresso grounds! It’s perfect for camping, long flights (just ask the flight attendants for hot water!), or road trips. Never settle for nasty airplane coffee again!

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Octopus Tripod

If you know a solo traveler, travel blogger, or travel photography aficionado, trust me, they need this in their life. The legs can stand straight, but even better, they can wrap around tree limbs, railings, a bench, wherever! That gives your traveling photographer (or videographer!) maximum flexibility to get the shot they want! It also comes with a bluetooth shutter to take photos or videos from a distance!

Phone Camera Lens

Speaking of travel photography, it’s not always possible or practical to take an expensive, bulky camera and its equipment on one’s travels or excursions. Thankfully, you don’t need to! These travel-size camera lenses for smartphones can take phone photography to the next level. After all, the best camera is the one you have with you!

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Laptop Cover

Many travelers take their laptops with them wherever they go. Maybe it’s for a business trip, maybe they’re a travel blogger, maybe they just prefer it. Whatever the reason, the tech savvy traveler in your life will love this map-inspired laptop cover!

USB Adaptor and Surge Protector

This is the ultimate tech travelers best friend. Not only is it a universal adaptor, it’s also a surge protector and USB adaptor. That’s literally everything you need to stay charged and connected!

Cord Ties

These may be the least interesting items on this list, but they’re the ones your traveler will probably use the most! Personally, the thing I dislike about so much technology is all the cords that come with it. They get tangled, they take up space, and who knows which one goes to what, anyway? Thank goodness for these reusable little organizational tools! Not only can your tech-loving traveler keep their cords organized and neatly pulled together, they can color code them as well!


All that gear needs a place to go, right? And it needs to be protected, right? Enter the E-vest. Not only are there seemingly limitless pockets for your phone, tablet, Kindle, ear buds, and even your laptop, it’s also made of RFID-blocking material! It’s durable, lightweight, and designed with ergonomics in mind for your comfort.



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