Gear Up for Winter Travel

Updated May 27, 2020.

Colder temperatures are coming to the Northern Hemisphere! So in the spirit of rolling with the punches, this summer girl has your guide to staying warm on your travels! All photo links below are Amazon affiliate links. Click to get yours!

Outdoor Gear

When you’re choosing to travel to a wintry destination, you’re excited for the outdoor activities! But being outside in the cold (and possibly wind!) requires some gear. Here are my top picks!


Nothing keeps me warmer than a hat. True story. Most of the heat that escapes does so through the top of your head, and a good knit hat keeps it in for you!



Something else that works wonders to keep you warm: scarves! Keeping your neck warm is a very efficient way of keeping the rest of your body warm, and these are fashionable to boot!



Gloves can be cumbersome when you’re trying to use your phone, tie your shoes, etc., etc., etc., but when you need them, you’re thankful you have them!


Hand Warmers

If you plan on hiking, walking, or standing around in the cold or snow for any amount of time, you’ll be glad you brought hand warmers. I got a pack of these for Christmas one year and they sat and sat in my closet. And then I happened to throw a few into my bag before embarking on a snowy trip to Switzerland. I’ve never been so glad to have something in my life!

Ear Bags

Layer these with a headring and you’re ears will be nice and toasty! They are small, so they’re ideal for efficient packing, and yet they go a long way in keeping precious heat in.


I love a good headring, maybe even more than a hat! They are great for any outdoor activity, and for really cold excursions, I’ve been known to layer earbags, a headring, and a knit hat as well!

Cuddl Duds or Base Layer

One of the most irritating things for me about traveling in any season except summer is layering! It’s awfully hard to pack light when you have to have every combination of layers in every combination of thickness, but there is a solution: a moisture-wicking base layer! Cuddl Duds are my go-to, and for men, Long Johns are the way to go!


Down Coat

Whoever invented the packable, puffy, down coat deserves a prize. Never before was packing for winter so easy, and it certainly used to necessarily take up so much more space! My husband and I both have down coats that pack right into their own pockets, and they are the warmest coats we have!


Heavy Waterproof Coat

Going skiing? Go waterproof! These ski jackets below are ideal for accidental (or intentional) rolls into the snow!



Whether you’re cozying up for a fire, playing board games to weather a snowstorm, or flying from one wintry destination to another, your winter clothes need to travel well. Check out these options:


A good cable-kint sweater cannot be beat in the coziness factor. It just can’t.



Speaking of layers, they are particularly necessary in-flight, fire-side, or window-side watching the snow fall! A winter chill is hard to recover from, but a good cardigan can add just the right amount of warmth to chase the chill away.

Women’s Kimono
Men’s Cardigan

Down Vest

I always thought of vests as a waste of time and a waste of space in my luggage. But I got one last year and have already worn it more times with more things than I ever thought possible! Keeping one’s core warm and insulated is essential for any amount of time spent in the cold and wind!


Fleece-lined Leggings

These are perhaps the best winter purchase I’ve ever made. I have two pair of these from 90 Degrees, and they are my favorite leggings! Just enough stretch, micro-fleece-lined, and they literally go from a run to date night with just a change of top and accessories!

Snow Pants

Plan on skiing? Prefer to go hiking among the waterfalls in Iceland? Waterproof pants are the way to go! There is nothing worse than walking aorund in the cold with wet pants, soaked to the skin. You will be glad you packed a pair of waterproof snow pants! I have the exact same pair below in gray, and I love that I can wear them on their own or over a pair of jeans if I need to!


Socks and Shoes

Wool Socks

You can layer all the other socks you want, but one pair of wool socks will trump them all!

Snow Boots

I love snow boots! I wear mine with leggings, jeans, snow pants, whatever. Warm, waterproof, perfect.



Daybag or Small Backpack

Even the lightest packer needs some things during a day of exploring in the snow. The day bags below are packable and will fit water, snacks, your phone, and an extra pair of gloves or a hat while you’re out and about.

Osprey Luggage Backpack

If you’ve been following me in my travels for long, you might already know I love the Osprey brand! My husband and I both have a 46L Osprey Porter backpack like the one below, and it’s perfect for a winter carry-on. It seemed so big at first, but then when it’s all full and closed up, it cinches down much smaller than you might think! It has pockets everywhere, even two on the inside that I consider built-in packing cubes.

Ready for your own wintry journey? Comment to tell me below!

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