The Best Valentine’s Gifts for the Travel Couple

They’re gross, they’re too cute, they’re too lovey-dovey… but I say the couple who travels together stays together! Whether you’re half of a travel couple or you just love them despite themselves, here is your ultimate guide to the best travel gifts for couples this Valentine’s Day.

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Matching Luggage

Okay, this might be on the “cutesy” side, but it’s also incredibly useful! When Steve and I travel, it’s easy to keep track of both our bags because they look alike. And with the right kind of luggage (i.e. not a roll-aboard), that adorable couple will always have free hands to hold!

Coordinating Passport Holders

Also, “cutesy,” also useful! My husband had never had a passport cover. He just never got around to getting one. so when I got us “Mr. and Mrs.” passport holders, he was more delighted than I ever expected! Here are a couple of options:

Monogrammed Canvas Tote

If you (or a couple you know) are fond of the beach, the pool, farmers’ markets, picnics, or shopping local wherever you travel, this monogrammable canvas is just the thing! Being from the South I love a good monogram, and seeing Steve’s and mine on our gifted totes (yes, multiple totes) still makes me heart happy! Pro Tip: Go the extra mile and fill it with beach towels, sunscreen, snacks, a beach read, flip flops, and anything else you can think of!

Scratch-off Map

It’s no secret: I’m a sucker for maps! And I love our scratch-off map. We both traveled independently before we got married, but our scratch-off map is just for showing all the places we’ve been together! The one below also comes with a scratch-off map of the USA!

…or Pinnable Cork Globe

Okay, I just saw these for the first time last year, and I think they’re too fun! I can’t decide which one I like better: scratch-offs or cork… so why choose?

Adventure Fund Piggy Bank

This is a great gift for the couple who wants to travel but hasn’t made it happen just yet! I love that it’s clear in front so the savers can actually see their progress! And of course, the vintage suitcase style makes me swoon.

Two Person Sleeping Bag

Steve and I are admittedly not campers, but if we were, this would be a great idea! I have some friends who love to camp and put this on their wedding registry. Genius!

Silicone Wedding Bands

I always, always recommend a silicone band for travel, especially if you’ll be camping, hiking, swimming, beaching, or doing anything else particularly adventurous! It’s always smart to have rings like this for travel so your real rings can stay safe. Just ask anyone who’s lost their ring at the beach or had their engagement ring swiped while on travel. You never think it can happen to you until it does!

Women’s (more colors available!)

Men’s (more colors available!)

Meaningful Wall Art

I never buy stuff from ads on social media. Or at least, I didn’t until I saw this on Facebook one day! I saw it just a couple of weeks before Valentine’s Day, and I had to get one for Steve and me. It’s fully customizable, and such a fun reminder of the couple’s mutual love every time they see it!

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