The Best American Made Gifts for Travelers

Is it possible to find anything made in America these days? It’s become less challenging over the last few years, but I’m still delightfully surprised when I find something unexpectedly American made! I’ve included several American-made items in my gift guides this year, but this guide is dedicated just to American-made goodness! Some of these will certainly surprise you. Comment below with your favorite, or the one that surprises you most!

WUDN Phone Cases

I got my husband one of these last Christmas, and he gets compliments on it all the time! It’s super cool, and they come in a variety of styles for both iPhone and Samsung phones. Steve’s has a world map on the back, but you can also get a colorful resin-wood combination, American flag, or even get it custom engraved with your logo or other design! 

But they don’t just make phone cases. You can also order WUDN sunglasses, power banks, notebooks, and more! Even better: Get FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $25!

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Casemade iPad Case

I’ll bet you never thought this could be made in the USA! I love mine, and I’m glad I found it. I just got my first iPad this year (okay, I’m a late adopter!), and while it wasn’t the first, second, or third option listed, I did finally find an American-made iPad case. Not only is it lighter than hauling a laptop around the world, your traveling techy will love it!

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Enso Rings

A hard lesson for travelers to learn is… Leave your nice jewelry at home, including your wedding rings! Luckily, Enso is an American-made company that makes awesome silicon rings! You can get different color and pattern combinations for both men and women, and I love that I can match my ring with my outfits when I travel! It’s just an extra element of fun. 

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Linen and Clay Earrings

If you’ve seen my Instagram Stories or looked closely at any of my travel photos over the last year, you’ve seen some of my Linen and Clay Earrings! I am totally obsessed with them. They are all handmade right in the USA (in Oklahoma!), and there are new options popping up throughout the year. My favorites today are from this year’s Summer Fruits collection! Be on the lookout for her holiday drop coming soon! 

Her designs are the cutest!
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Emily Hsu Designs

No, really, these ARE my traveling pants! I love Emily Hsu Designs because every piece is made in the USA, but they’re also the best quality! Their sizing includes XS-XXL, and their Mermaid Pattern collection is too fun! Their Sustainable Collection is unique in that it will biodegrade over time (not while you’re wearing it—once it’s in a landfill environment!). I wear my sustainable leggings literally every time I travel, so if you know a traveler who loves quality travel clothing, this is the brand for them! 

Check out all their beautiful patterns!
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World’s Softest Socks

Is there anything better than cozy socks in winter? Yes. Try cozy, soft socks made in Tennessee! My mom got me a pair of these last year, and they truly are the softest socks I’ve ever had. These are great at home, on an airplane, hiking in the Alps, or cozying up by the fire in Finland! Every traveler will love these. There are not many ways to feel pampered on travel, but this is an easy one!

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