The Best Gifts Using Your Travel Photos

Everyone loves photos! And personally, they’re some of my favorite gifts to give. Every traveler has a zillion travel photos, making this the most logical gift that you never thought of before. Your photos deserve a bigger, more permenent place in your or your loved ones life! Take a look at the ideas below, and let your creativity do the rest!

Frame It

The most obvious choice is sometimes the best! Sure, your photos are all on your phone, in the Cloud, on your iPad, on Facebook and Instagram. But having a special photo printed, either because it makes you happy to see it or brings back a fond memory, is just different. Find a frame you love that will go with your gift recipient’s decor, and get that special photo printed! Here are some great options:

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Photo Ornament

You might want to give this gift before Christmas Day! One of the fun things about decorating a Christmas tree is remembering the story behind each ornament. I love these photo ornaments so much because your personal photos are just that: Personal. You can’t find a more exclusive, more special gift! Also fun: The one below comes in a circle or a heart shape.

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Create a Collage

Can’t choose which photo to frame? Why would you want to?! I love a well-done photo collage or creative display. The collage frames below can be filled as creatively (or straight-forwardly) as you like! This is great to display a series of family vacations, your favorite sunrise photos, or the most beautiful flora or fauna shots you’ve got.

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Make it a Puzzle

Long winter nights are good for… Puzzles! I know, I sound like an old lady, but I truly think puzzles are fun! I created one for my husband’s and my anniversary one year, which was super special and unique. If you have a family member or friend who spends a lot of time indoors, wants to see your epic travel photos more often, or just loves puzzles, this is a great gift idea. Even better? The link below is from Amazon, so it supports my small business, but it also supports a small business puzzle company as well!

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Create a Canvas Print

There’s just something a little bit “elevated” about a canvas print, you know what I mean? I love they way they look, and a canvas print is such a special gift for a loved one. Whether someone you love is a traveler who deserves to have one of their epic photos given special treatment, or you’re a traveler who wants to give something special to a loved one, this is a way to use a real travel photo in a way that makes it that little bit “extra.”

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