The Top 7 Ways to Travel Solo with Confidence

Think you don’t have the confidence to travel solo? I can help you with that! There’s no real secret, but there are some tips and strategies I want to share with you to put your mind at ease, or give you that extra boost to take the first solo travel step. Here are the top seven ways to travel solo with confidence, anywhere in the world!

Fake It Till You Make It

This is a life strategy, y’all. Wherever you are in the world, act like you know what you’re doing and where you’re going. Don’t look like a target, look like you do this every day! If you don’t have the confidence, just act like you do.

You don’t know these people around you, and better yet, they don’t know you. You get to show them who you are with your demeanor. If you are naturally a less-confident person (or just think you are), you can act like you’re a confident, experienced traveler, even if you’re not. I know you can!

Be willing to have the adventure, even if you think you can’t!
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Do Your Research

What to wear, foods to try, sites to see and why they’re important are all important things to research before a trip. Why? Out of respect. Why else? Because knowledge is power, and power equates to confidence. Find out how to pronounce that famous dish at an authentic restaurant and order it like it’s not the first time you’ve had it!

Other ways research can help is to know how to get from your accommodation to the most popular site in town, without needing to refer to your map every few feet. Look like you’re a local. There’s no shame in not being local, but when it comes to feeling confident, it helps to know how to blend in.

Do the research before you go so you can have confidence on your trip!
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Learn the Words for “Hello” and “Thank You”
(“Please” is a plus!)

Being in a place where you don’t understand what people around you are saying can definitely be intimidating. The best way to fight that, and the best ice breaker, is just knowing the word for “hello” in the local language. And when someone helps you, they’ll be so delighted to hear the word for “thank you” in their language. Even if it’s not exactly right, it’ll be appreciated! Knowing the right words to say will give you that confidence boost, no matter where you are in the world.

If someone offers to take your photo, know how to thank them properly!
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Have a Hotel Business Card with You

If you do start to feel like you’re lost, or it’s dark and you’re not sure how to get back to your hotel or other accommodation, it’s very useful to have your hotel business card on-hand. It’ll have the hotel’s address and phone number on it, and you can show it to literally any taxi driver, and they’ll know where to take you!

You can always get back to the hotel!
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Bring Pepto with You

One of the most common travel anxieties is the fear of getting sick on a trip, especially a solo trip. I can totally relate! It never hurts to bring a few things like ibuprofen or cough drops with you, but one thing I never travel without is Pepto Bismol. The chewable tablets are better for travel than the liquid version, but whichever is your preference, you will be so glad you have it if you get sick on a trip. It’s like a security blanket in your purse!

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Know that You Can Leave When You Want To

This is like a secret weapon. If you do get sick, if you do feel unsafe, if you do not have a good feeling about where you are, you can leave. This is sometimes an expensive option, especially if long-haul flights are involved, but if it makes you feel better, remember that you can always leave a situation. Just having that knowledge is confidence-boosting, even if you ever act on it. Just know that you have permission to leave if you’re not having a good time. I am giving you permission.

If you’re not having a good time, no one’s there to make you stay!
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Remind Yourself that People Dumber than You Do This Every Day!

This doesn’t sound too nice, but sometimes you need to just tell yourself like it is! You’re smart, you’re ready, and you’re totally capable. Not to disparage others, but honestly, I meet people on every trip who make me think, “How do they just stumble through life like that and survive?” This self-reminder helped me get through my first-ever solo trip: Three months in Japan!

At 20 years old, in some ways, I was too young and dumb to think I couldn’t do it. In other ways, I knew I was definitely more organized and capable than other people I knew who had traveled solo. You can totally do this!

If they can do it, you can do it!
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