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Solo Travel: Warsaw


Why Warsaw?

Poland has an interesting history, and because Warsaw is the capital city, much of its history is on display here. Love music? Chopin hails from Warsaw, and there is an excellent museum here dedicated to him and to his music! Warsaw took it on the chin during World War II, and a visit to the city will surely make you swell with pride for them when you see how they have picked themselves up time after time and moved forward.

Warsaw’s Medieval Barbican Gate

Is it Safe?

Yes it is! I traveled there solo and never once felt unsafe or at risk in any way. Be smart, watch your own stuff, and don’t go out drinking until all hours of the night–that’s not safe anywhere! I found the people to be friendly and helpful once I broke the ice a little.

The Little Mermaid, guarding the city’s Market Square! 

How Can I Get There?

Fly into Warsaw Chopin Airport and take the train to the city center. It’s only 10 kilometers away! Once you’re in the city center, it’s very walkable.

Where to Stay?

Stay in or near the city center. I stayed in a co-ed hostel near the Old Town, and while that’s not my preferred accommodation style, I felt safe and even made some friends!

Charming, colorful row homes

How to Stay Occupied?

There is so much to see and do here! I only had a couple of days, so I didn’t even scratch the surface. I can tell you, however, that the Rising Museum is excellent and worth the small cost (20 Polish Zlotys, or around $5.90 USD). It is dedicated to the Warsaw Uprising in 1944, and it was a perfect way to get acquainted with Warsaw’s history and its people and their mettle. I also enjoyed the Chopin Museum, trying all sorts of pierogis, and walking around their beautiful parks while I was there!

Lovely park in Warsaw

How to Save Money?

Speaking of a walking tour, there are FREE walking tours! Check their website for tour options and starting times, and don’t forget to tip what you can! I also recommend eating a hearty breakfast (especially if it is included in your hotel or hostel’s rate), getting a late lunch, and take leftovers from lunch or visit a grocery store for a light supper to save money on food. Also, walk instead of taking transportation.

Want more? Check out my Poland page! Are you ready to make Warsaw your next solo travel destination? Tell me below!

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