The Best 10 Travel Safety Tips from Around the World

What’s the number 1 thing our loved ones are concerned about when we travel? Safety. What do we sometimes forget to worry about? Safety. But it really is important, so it’s worth taking a few minutes to figure out how to be aware without freaking out, right? Here are the best travel safety tips for your travels all over the world!

Take a Self-defense Class

Take your pick: Karate (East Asian), Jiu-jitsu (Japanese), Krav Maga (Israeli), Tae Kwon Do (Korean), Boxing (ancient civilizations), May Thai (Thai), or something else. You don’t have to become a master, you just need to be able to defend yourself. Take a class, or better yet, a series of classes. Maybe take the classes with a friend so you can practice together, too. 

Bottom line: No matter your size, you can defend yourself with the right know-how!

My friend Mami showing me how it’s done Ninja style in Japan!
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Know How to Read a Map

This seems super basic, and maybe boring, but it’s a very important skill for any travel style, any travel destination, any traveler. Yeah, your phone knows the way, but what if your phone dies or gets stolen? You still need to be able to find your way. I’ve even visited several destinations recently where my phone’s maps didn’t even have an option to give me directions! Know how to read a map, and you can literally get everywhere you want to go. 

The map on your phone may not always be correct, or even work! The ability to read an actual map is essential!
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Bring a Doorstop

This is a tip I only recently heard about! My husband and I have been walked in on in more than one hotel, and let me tell you, that is one rude awakening! Hotel personnel can still get into your room, sometimes even if you have the deadbolt on, so it’s better to be safe than sorry. A regular, plain, old doorstop will do the trick! 

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Keep Your Purse or Backpack in Front of You

If you’re on a crowded subway, train, bus, or even just in a crowd, it’s always smart to keep your purse or backpack in front of you. And dudes, put that wallet in your front pocket. Whether you’re in Paris, Rome, NYC, or really anywhere else in the world, the pickpockets will know how to get in without your knowing. But if your bag or valuables are in front of you, at least you have a better shot at seeing and preventing it. 

It may not always be possible, but when you can, keep your purse or backpack in front of you to deter pickpockets!
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Act Like You Know

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Fake it till you make it, y’all. If you don’t know where you’re going, make a conscious effort to act and look like you know. Be aware of your surroundings. Act like you know where you’re going and what you’re doing. Not only will it take you places, it’ll get you there safer than if you look like you’re lost (aka: A target). 

Act like you know where you’re going, even if you’re not really sure!
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Be Self-aware

Self-awareness cannot be overrated. Being aware of yourself, what’s around you, and who you’re close to is essential to safety. Know where your closest exit is. Know what’s behind you. Not only will this make you a safer traveler, it’ll also make you a more considerate traveler to those around you.

Keep calm and cultivate self-awareness.
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Never Share Your Location in Real Time

If you’ve ever had a stalker, you already know this. If not, now you know. Posting to social media regularly is great because it lets people back home (mom and dad) know you’re safe. But it’s a good idea to be ambiguous about your exact location. If you want to tag a restaurant or hotel (especially a hotel), wait until you’ve left to do so. Be smart, and think like a stalker (for a minute) so you don’t have to encounter one.

Never post your location in real time, especially the name or location of your hotel!
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Trust Yourself First

You know you better than anyone else. You know when something feels off. You know when you’re spiraling and freaking yourself out when nothing’s really wrong. Trust your gut, trust yourself, and you’ll be safer for it. Second-guessing and hesitation cause accidents, so be confident enough to trust your gut, even if your brain is not so sure. You’re entirely capable!

You don’t have to constantly look over your shoulder. Trust yourself to make good choices!
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Don’t Hike or Swim Alone

File this under general life safety, not just travel. Even if you’re traveling solo, go on hikes or swim at beaches where there are lots of people around. I know, nothing will happen, but you never know. Also, when hiking or swimming, wear a bright color—bright like neon. Avoid blues and greens; go for noticeable in nature. If something does happen, wearing bright clothing will increase the likelihood that someone will find you and be able to help. 

Hike with a buddy, or at least in a crowd!
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Do a Little Research

I know, I know, research is boring! But it’s also incredibly helpful! The more you know about your destination and the general culture there, the more you’ll appreciate it, and the more likely you’ll be to notice if something is out of the ordinary. 

Google “Scams in ______” and find out what you might need to be aware of before you even get there. Find out the best way to get from the airport or train station to your accommodation before you land so you don’t have to figure it out in the moment. You’ll be amazed at how much smarter you’ll feel knowing just a few things to know before you go! 

Morocco is well-known for scams, so all you have to do is Google them!
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