The Best Places to Spend Valentine’s Day Solo

Updated February 1, 2023.

Valentine’s Day is all about love and lovers… and it kind of stinks for the singles! I used to call it “Singles’ Awareness Day” (acronym “SAD,” of course), but my attitude toward Valentine’s Day changed over the years, even before I met my husband!

Valentine’s Day became a day to spend with my single girl friends, to do something fun on my own, or to go on an amazing solo trip. One of the best things anyone can do for themselves is travel solo, so if you need a little Solo Valentine’s inspiration, this is the post for you. Check out the best places to spend Valentine’s Day solo!

Key West

This is one of the most fun places I’ve ever visited. There’s something for everyone, whether you’re looking for a beach, a Cuban coffee, mile-high key lime pie, American history, or just a break from the February chill! Some of my favorite sites are President Truman’s Little White House, the Hemingway Home, Dry Tortugas National Park (splurge on the seaplane to get there), and, of course, Cuban Coffee Queen!

Don’t miss out on the Cuban coffee, food, and flair!
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If you’ve ever wanted to take a solo trip to a the real-life land of Aladdin, Qatar is the place for you! Talk about “a whole new world.” There are so many cool things to do in Qatar, from riding camels to riding dune buggies in the desert, from museums to shopping to eating some of the best food in the world. Qatar has it all, and you can see it all solo! Oh, and come hungry.

Sawsan the Camel and me: Best Friends Forever!
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A trip to the Land of Fire and Ice will make you feel such awe, you won’t be able to help knowing the world is so much bigger than just yourself. There are also a ton of solo travelers trekking there, just like you. Go hiking, walk on a glacier, road trip all the way around, take a helicopter ride, look for the Northern Lights, take a dip in the Blue Lagoon, or make friends with sheep, horses, and puffins!

Ready for Northern Lights Peeping!
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There is so much to see and do in London, you won’t have time to wallow, feel sorry for yourself, or get bored! Treat yourself to tea, stay at a legendary hotel, visit the world famous museums, and take a walking tour to learn about the history of London! You might even meet other solo travelers and make friends. But don’t stop there. You’re just a train ride away from Wales and Scotland, so you could potentially cross off three countries in one, fell swoop!

Need a little inspiration? Grab my book about a solo traveler/potential spy in the U.K. to keep you company on the flight over!

Iconic Big Ben!
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Nashville may be the hot spot for the bachelorettes of the world, but it’s also a fun place for solo travelers! Hang out on Broadway, go to the Wild Horse for line dancing, and enjoy the Southern hospitality, complete with the best biscuits you ever ate. Go to the Goo Goo Store for a sweet, and if you’re really up for something a little bit fancy, head to Centennial Park for a visit to the Parthenon–complete with larger-than-life Athena inside.

Want my personal opinion as a Tennessean? Splurge on either the Hermitage Hotel, or Union Station Hotel. Both are in great locations, and classic properties. Then take yourself out on a date to a hockey game, one of Nashville’s incredible restaurants, or catch a show at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center. Check out my Guide to Solo Travel in Nashville here!

Spread your wings in Nashville!
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My favorite place, one of the most beautiful places in the world, is Hawai’i. Pick an island, any island! They’re all beautiful and offer a variety of exciting things to do! From zip lining to swimming with sea turtles, from snorkeling to whale watching, from scenic flights to the most incredible hiking you’ll ever experience, Hawai’i has something for you. Sign up for some tours to meet people, because Hawai’i is a solo traveler’s dream!

Take a hike!
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One of my favorite countries in the world is Australia. It’s iconic. Head to Cairns to snorkel at the Great Barrier Reef, and snuggle a koala at Kuranda Koala Gardens while you’re at it. See an opera at the Sydney Opera House, then do the world-famous Sydney Bridge Climb the next morning. For something rough and ready, go to the Red Centre to take a helicopter ride over Uluru or hike at Kata-Tjuta. Pick an epic adventure and get WAY outside your comfort zone!

Sydney is an epic place for a morning run!
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My trip to Angkor Wat was one of the most memorable, awe-inspiring, and beautiful trips of my life. The history and intricate detail of the temples is so intriguing, and I honestly felt so safe traveling here. I was with a girl friend, but I would totally go back solo if I got the opportunity! I went in June, during the hot, muggy, rainy season, but I have a feeling February is definitely a better time to go!

Angkor Wat is still one of my favorite trips!
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Take a Mileage Run

My husband used to do this often before we got married (and a time or two after), and it’s a great way to gain reward miles and airline status! Valentine’s Day falls right around Presidents’ Day every year, so take advantage of that three-day weekend and take a whirl-wind trip!

Splurge on Business Class seats, download entire seasons of your favorite shows to watch on the long flights, bring a book you’ve been wanting to read, and then literally just sit back and relax! Book your trip to Singapore, Guam, Japan, South Africa, or just choose the longest flights you can, and watch the miles roll in. Get excited about redeeming them for a future trip!

Views for days!
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Take a Creative Retreat

Get creative! One of the best things I ever did for myself was to take a few days for a self-led Creative Retreat at a fancy hotel in D.C. Choose a location that motivates you, an activity that makes you come alive (for me, it was running the monuments at sunrise), and an accommodation that inspires you.

Bring that book you want to finish writing, those scrapbooking materials you want to put together, or your camera so you can work on your photography. Whatever makes you come alive from the inside, do that. No distractions, no excuses.

Pick a place or activity that inspires your creativity!
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Book a Yoga or Spa Retreat

The ultimate “me time” experience is one that makes you feel your absolute best, your most beautiful, your most relaxed, and your very happiest. For some, that’s being out in nature. For others, that’s reading in bed all day. And still for others, that’s a series of spa treatments or a lot of yoga! There are countless places to do all of these things, all over the world, so choose a retreat in an exotic location or book yourself a luxury hotel with a great spa, and sign up for some refined spa treatments!

Is there anything more fun than a hotel spa robe?
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Go Anywhere You’ve Always Wanted to Go!

If none of these inspires you, by all means make plans to visit the place you’ve always dreamed of! Living solo and traveling solo are truly special times in your life. My married friends who never lived or traveled alone tell me they regret it.

Don’t squander your solo time–take advantage of it. This is the time in your life to do what you want, when you want, where you want, how you want. Take this time to celebrate how awesome you are all on your own, and others will be drawn to you. Have fun, meet people, and make your own dreams come true!

I’ll never forget my trip to Portugal because it’s basically the birthplace of world travel as we know it!
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  1. We just got back from Angkor Wat less than two weeks ago. It was definitely hot, but not rainy or muggy.

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