Your Ultimate Guide to Solo Travel in Switzerland

Updated May 25, 2021.

Switzerland was my first experience in Europe, and I’ve been sold ever since! I mean, chocolate, cheese, bread, scenery… what’s not to love? It’s an incredibly safe place to travel solo, even for women, and I’ve been back many times since that first trip! Here’s everything you need to know to start planning your solo trip to gorgeous Switzerland!

Why Switzerland?

Because it’s wonderful! I’ve been to Switzerland more often than I’ve been anywhere other than my home country, and I just love it. The cheese, the bread, the hiking, the castles, the friendly people, the traveler-friendly transportation, the walkability of the villages. Switzerland is a fantastic solo destination for a multitude of reasons!

France to my left, Switzerland to my right!
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Is it Safe?

Yes! Switzerland is one of the safest countries in the world. Remember to stay alert and know where your valuables are at all times, but seriously, there is almost nowhere in the world safer than Switzerland!

Stay safe, bundle up in the winter, and have tons of solo fun!
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How Can I Get There?

I have flown into both Zurich and Basel, but there are also flights to Geneva, Bern, Lusanne, etc. You can also take the train from any of the surrounding countries as well! Signage will be in German and in English, so don’t be afraid to take public transportation anywhere you need to go!

All aboard the Glacier Express!
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Where to Stay?

If you’ve been following along with many of my solo travel posts, you know I like to recommend staying in the city center or in the old town area wherever you go. Some towns I recommend in Switzerland are Basel, Geneva, Gstaad, Bern, Lucerne, St. Moritz, Zermatt, Chur, Interlaken, or really anywhere else that looks good to you! It’s so easy to explore Switzerland by train, and since each town or village can be enjoyed fully within a couple of days, it’s ideal for really exploring multiple areas in a single trip!

When you decide where you want to go, take a look at the distances between each place and decide whether you want to base yourself in one of those cities and take day trips, or if you want to spend the night in all or a few of those places. I’ve based myself in Basel several times and taken day trips around the western half of Switzerland, and just this last January I stayed in Zermatt, St. Moritz, and Vaduz, Liechtenstein!

Check out the view in Zermatt!
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How to Stay Occupied?

What do you like? Switzerland has history, winter sports all year long, castles, lake activities, hiking, museums, and some of the best food anywhere in the world! And the charm–oh, the charm! Switzerland has something to offer everyone for days or weeks–however long you can spend here!

Just a charming view from a random castle in the Alpine foothills!
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How to Save Money?

Switzerland is a notably expensive destination, but there are ways to make it more affordable! While I definitely think you should experience going out to eat on travel, maybe go out just a couple of times instead of every night or for every meal. Be on the lookout for Migros or Coop, which are grocery store chains all over Switzerland. Also, consider getting a Swiss Travel Pass instead of paying for train tickets a la carte. It’s also good for buses, boats, and free admission to museums within both Switzerland and Liechtenstein!

Love this spot overlooking Old Town Zurich!
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Want more inspiration and tips? Check out my Switzerland page! And for all things solo female travel, take a look at my dedicated Solo Travel Page!

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