The 10 Best Habits of Successful Solo Female Travelers

Habits are great, right? After a while, we don’t even think about them. We just do them instinctively! That’s true for any job, hobby, or daily task around the house. It’s also true for solo travel! The habits I’ve formed over the years have made me a better traveler, so you don’t have to take it from me, but forming a few of these habits might help you as well! Here are the best habits a solo female traveler can have.

1. They Get Up Early

Even the laziest traveler is glad they got up to watch an iconic sunrise in Hawaii. Even the most dedicated night own is glad they got in line first for that hard-to-get, first come, first served ticket to the Acropolis. Even the least likely of us can happily transform into a morning person if it means getting those epic photos with no people in them! Even the most jet-lagged of us all can wake up in time to catch that connecting flight!

Successful travelers, female, solo, or otherwise, make it a habit to wake up early when it counts.

She does more by 7:00am than most tourists do all day!
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2. They Don’t Overpack

Okay, some solo female travelers definitely overpack, especially some of my content creating influencer friends! But if you don’t have to pack a bagful of camera gear and gowns, simply don’t do it. Solo female travelers know that no one’s around to help with our bags, no one’s there to see that we’re wearing the same clothes twice in one trip, and no one’s bothering to make sure our bag gets where it needs to go. We know we’re responsible for our own bags, so we choose not to overpack them!

Carry my own luggage? Check!
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3. They Have a Plan

This is so important. Have. A. Plan. Gals. People up to no good target people who like like they’re bumbling through life. Have a plan, act like you know where you’re going (especially if you don’t), and look like you’re a pro at this whole travel thing. While the plan can certainly change, it’s always best to start with a plan than without one. Successful solo female travelers never look like a target because we don’t act like one.

But first, coffee.
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4. They Roll with It

Things happen! Even the best of plans is thwarted every now and then. Successful solo female travelers can handle it. They know there’s always a solution, it just might be outside the box. They know they can come out on top because they have a flexible attitude on purpose. You can, too!

Roll with the punches, take the road that’s open.
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5. They’re Self-aware

The necessity of self-awareness cannot be overstated. Nothing is worse than a traveler who thinks everyone is their personal servant or will simply get out of their way. Don’t be that! Successful solo female travelers are looking out for themselves by looking out for those around them. Read the room, know what a threat looks like. Have self-awareness!

She knows it’s not all about her!
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6. They’re Street Smart

This goes beyond self-awareness to include the ability to think on their feet. They have to be able to think outside the box and figure things out on their own–no one else is there to do it for them! They have to avoid pickpockets and be able to make a Plan B when they miss their connecting flight or worse–their flight gets cancelled! But they also need to be able to read people and have some cultural sensitivity.

They’re confident, but also cautious, and they don’t let themselves get into potentially compromising situations. Basically, they have to do it all with grit and grace.

Ready for anything. Come at me!
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7. They Don’t Panic

Step one in a successful life: Don’t panic! Successful solo female travelers know (i.e. have learned over time) how to control their emotions and their fight or flight response. They can think fast, but also think clearly, and they try to never over-react or over-correct. They know they can handle it, and they do it without panicking.

Why panic when you can do something else?
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8. They Save However Possible

They may travel like they’re living the high life, but that’s just because they know where they don’t need to waste their money. They make their own coffee instead of going out. (Side note: Have you seen the latest Starbucks prices?!) They buy things that are on sale, but not just because the things are on sale. They also don’t eat out as often as you think, and even in their travels, they sometimes get food at the grocery store instead of a restaurant! Be like a successful solo female traveler, and be a saver!

That dress she’s wearing? It’s probably not this year’s trend!
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9. They Know When to Splurge

This is the fun part. They may save where others would cringe to do so, but they also get to spend that saved cash on experiences that are worth far more. Think hot air balloon rides, meals at Michelin-starred restaurants, zip lining through the jungle, and high-end hotels with views that would make you swoon. They know what’s worth it for them, and they go all-out for it.

Relaxing at Iceland’s Blue Lagoon? Definitely a splurge item.
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10. They’re Not Fearless

They’re a lot of things, but they’re not foolish. A healthy sense of fear is what keeps them safe. They’re not afraid to travel on their own, but they know when to venture out and when to head back to their accommodation for the night. They can be brave without putting themselves in danger. Their healthy fear doesn’t get in the way of their adventure.

Fun doesn’t mean reckless!
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