Hawaiian Islands

One of my most favorite places in the world: Hawai’i captured my heart from my first trip there for Steve’s and my first wedding anniversary in 2015. Here are all the resources you need to plan the perfect Hawaiian getaway!

The Hawaiian Islands

  • The Most Helpful Hawaii Posts You Will Ever Find - If you're planning a trip to Hawaii, this is your one-stop resource!
  • How to Sign up for Hawaii’s Safe Travels Program - Here's how to navigate the Hawaii Safe Travels program for a smooth trip to paradise!
  • The Best Pro Tips for Your Trip to Hawaii - I thought I'd come up with a quick, easy list of tips so you can travel to the islands like a pro.
  • The Best Ways You May Not Realize Hawaii is Earth-friendly - I love that Hawaii has done so much to keep their islands beautiful.
  • The Ultimate Guide for What to Pack for the Beach - Here's a quick reminder of the things you simply shouldn't forget for any beach trip!
  • The Best Ways to Save BIG on Your Trip to Hawaii - Here are our favorite ways to save some cash on your trip to the islands!
  • The Ultimate List of Hawaii Questions You’re Too Embarrassed to Ask - It's definitely paradise, but if you've never been, you probably have a lot of questions. This post is all about the questions that you may be (or perhaps should be) too embarrassed to ask!
  • The Ultimate List of Books to Read Before You Visit Hawaii - I don't know about you, but I love to read about a place I plan to visit! It gets me excited and helps me understand so much about the culture.
  • 5 Things You Forgot to Pack for Hawaii - A trip to Hawaii is a dream come true! The surf, the sand, the gorgeous sunsets... it's all there and waiting for you.
  • Hawaii for History Lovers: The Ultimate Guide - I love everything about Hawaii! The people, the food, the beauty, the seclusion---it's all the stuff of dreams for me.
  • How to Choose the Best Hawaiian Island for You - You're going to Hawaii! Excellent choice. It's my favorite destination in all the world, without a doubt. One of the most overwhelming parts of planning a trip to Hawaii, however, is deciding which island (or islands) to visit.
  • The Best Places to Eat on Each Hawaiian Island - Each Hawaiian island is absolute paradise, but at the same time, each one is unique to itself. It's no secret that Steve and I have loved our anniversary trips to Hawaii over the years, and we've eaten some delicious things along the way! Here's your ultimate guide to where to eat on each Hawaiian Island!
  • How to Make the Most of Your Last Day in Hawaii - You're vacationing in Hawaii! Such fun! So beautiful! How entirely exciting! And you booked the latest flight out to enjoy your trip to the fullest---great idea! We always do that, too. But then you realize you have to check out of your accommodation by 11:00am. Then what?
  • The Best Foods You Must Try in the Hawaiian Islands - Food is part of every culture---we all have to eat! Hawaii has its very own incredible foods to enjoy, unlike what you can get on the Mainland. Here are some of the best foods to try on your next trip to Hawaii!
  • The Ultimate Guide to Hawaii’s Best Adventures - As you may know if you've ever met me, I LOVE Hawaii! I was ready to move there on my first ever trip to the islands for Steve's and my 1st wedding anniversary. Now we've been to five of the six inhabited islands and I am more in love with the culture, people, and food than ever before. If Hawaii's on your short list of places to visit, here are some truly epic experiences to put on your to-do list!
  • The Best Hawaiian Souvenirs - It's no secret that Steve and I LOVE Hawaii! It's paradise, it's beautiful, it's "trip of a lifetime" material! So of course you'll want to take a little something home to remember your trip and maybe take you back for a moment when you need a little sunshine in your everyday life.
  • Inter-island Flights on ‘Ohana by Hawaiian: Everything You Need to Know - Aloha! If you're reading this, you're probably planning a trip to Hawaii---woohoo! You'll love it! And whether you're exploring more than one island or connecting to Molokai, you may be flying Hawaiian Airlines or their affiliate, 'Ohana Airlines.
  • How to Survive the Flight from IAD-HNL on United - We thought it would be great! A non-stop flight from our home airport (IAD) all the way to beautiful, exotic Hawaii (HNL). No worries over missed connections, short layovers, or bad weather in our connecting city to add any stress to our travels. And since it's so long, we'd definitely get a meal, maybe even two! Wrong!
  • Ruined: Beauty in the Broken Places - Do you like ruins? They are major draws for tourists around the world, but they're not for everyone. They serve as a warning against whatever was their downfall, they make epic backdrops, they are a window into the past. There is beauty in the broken, but sometimes it takes hundreds of years to find it. There's a lesson in there for all of us, but I'll leave that to you.
  • Everything You Need to Know Before You Visit the Hawaiian Islands - I've been posting a lot about Maui lately, since that was our big anniversary trip this year, but I got to thinking that there are a lot of things to know before you visit any Hawaiian island. So, here is the quick run-down of things to know before you visit Hawaii--whichever island or islands you choose!

Big Island of Hawaii

  • The Ultimate Bucket List for Visiting Hawaii’s Big Island - There are a zillion fantastic things to do and see on Hawaii's Big Island, and it can be hard to pare it all down and fit it all into one vacation! From luaus to lava, from palaces to mountain peaks, there's something on the Big Island for everyone! This handy dandy bucket list has all the best and most unique things the island has to offer, and hopefully it will help you plan your best trip yet.
  • The Ultimate Ladies’ Guide to Packing for Hawaii’s Big Island - The best part of a trip to Hawaii is... Hawaii! The sun, the ocean, the kindness, the food, the aloha---it's the best! But the worst part of a trip to Hawaii is... packing. But never fear!
  • What to Know Before You Visit Hawaii’s Big Island - If you've been following the blog, you know that Hawaii has been on my mind since we visited earlier this month! We had an incredible time, and we highly recommend it for your next vacation or celebratory getaway! There are a few things, however, that are good to know if you've never been before. Many of these apply to the Hawaiian Islands in general, but many are specific to the Big Island. Read on, my friend!
  • How to Have an Unforgettable Lava Boat Tour - There are a few epic experiences from our travels that really stand out: swimming with penguins and sea lions in the Galapagos, hot air ballooning in Cappadocia, attending an opera at the Sydney Opera House, to name a few. But the sunrise lava boat tour off the coast of Hawaii's Big Island has made its way to the top of our "epic experiences" list!
  • 7 Essential Steps to Plan Your Big Island Trip - Once I started planning our trip to Hawaii's Big Island, I quickly found myself overwhelmed! Trip planning is something I do often and even enjoy, so I knew if I was overwhelmed, there were probably others out there who feel the same way when planning a Hawaiian getaway. So here you go, folks: your ultimate guide to planning a Big Island getaway!
  • The Ultimate Guide to Hiking Hawaii: The Big Island - The Island of Hawaii has tons of trails. In fact, many of their best beaches and most unique sites are only accessible via hike (or 4 wheel drive + serious skills).We were only able to hit a few around the island in the week we were there, all inherently off the beaten path.
  • The Best 10 Things to Do in Hilo - this week we're setting our sights on beautiful Hilo, Hawaii! We only spent one day in Hilo, but I wish we'd spent at least one more day--so consider that for your trip! We did hit the highlights in this cute, seaside town, and I've listed them here for you!
  • The Best Food to Eat on Hawaii’s Big Island - It's everyone's favorite: What I Ate Wednesday! Last week we talked about the luau on the Big Island, and this week I'm letting you in on the rest of the Hawaiian goodness! If there’s one thing Hawaiians know how to do, it’s eat well!
  • Everything You Need to Know about Road Tripping Hawaii’s Big Island - Islands are typically small enough to drive around in less than a day. That's why Steve and I like them for anniversary trips--there's only so far you can go, so it's an inherently relaxing place to be. Not so for Hawaii's Big Island! This trip took a little more planning because there is just more to do, see, and explore.
  • The Best 10 Reasons to Visit Hawaii’s Big Island - I had an absolute blast celebrating our third wedding anniversary on the Big Island of Hawaii! We love the state of Hawaii for plenty of reasons, and we recommend that everyone visit at least once in a lifetime. Here are just a few of the things we loved most about the Big Island!
  • Hawaiian Luau: Everything You Need to Know - Aloha! This What I Ate Wednesday is all about the beautiful, tasty, traditional luau food. My sweet husband and I have been to Hawaii three times now, but this was our first luau experience. And we're bringing you along with us!
  • The Ultimate List of Royal Sites on Hawaii’s Big Island - I would venture to say most mainland Americans never learn about our most recently added state's history. It's a bit of a blemish on our record, to be honest. But this beautiful island chain's history is exciting and intriguing. Hawaii is the only state to have an official royal palace (I'olani Palace on O'ahu), and actually, there are several royal sites across the islands! So here's to Hawai'i's royal family.


  • The Ultimate Ladies’ Packing List for a Week on Kauai - Planning a trip to Kauai this year? I approve! Kauai is my most favorite place in the world.
  • The Ultimate Kauai Bucket List - Kauai. The colors, the water, the flowers, the rugged cliffs... everything is gorgeous. It's the only place in the world that brought tears to my eyes when I saw its beauty. I can't wait to go back, but until now I'll just share my ultimate Kauai bucket list for you!
  • What to Know Before You Visit Kauai - I'm taking a break from my usual "top 10 reasons to visit" list to bring you some tips for visiting the most beautiful place I've ever been in all the world: Kauai, Hawaii! They don't call it the Garden Isle for nothing. If you're taking a trip Kauai in the near future, read through these tips to help you plan, pack, and make the most of your time!
  • The Best 10 Reasons to Visit Kauai - This Flyaway Friday is all about my favorite island in the world--so far! My sweet husband and I went to Kauai for our second anniversary, and it was the most beautiful, majestic place I've ever seen. Here are a few reasons why!
  • The Best Food to Eat on Kauai - Do you love island life? Island food? Islands in general? Me, too! This What I Ate Wednesday, we're reliving our delightful feast from Hawaii's Garden Island, Kauai!


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  • The Ultimate Maui Bucket List - Maui is "trip of a lifetime" material for many, especially those who thrive in a tropical paradise! It's home to some unique scenery and things to do, all of which should go on your Maui trip's bucket list. Here's the best of the best from our trip, which will hopefully inspire you for yours!
  • Exactly How to Spend 8 Perfect Days on Maui - Planning a trip to Maui? That's a great idea! I'm sharing our itinerary with you. We went to Maui from Saturday-Saturday, and I think we did a pretty good job of combining relaxation with excursions and activities. Feel free to use this itinerary for your own trip, or just take the parts you like best!
  • The Best 10 Reasons to Stay in Hana - If the Road to Hana is on your Maui "to do" list, you're probably getting a lot of information about doing it all in just one day. And sure, that's a fine way to do it. However, I strongly suggest you consider spending a night or two somewhere along the Road to Hana, and here are my top 10 reasons why:
  • The Ultimate Men’s Packing List for Maui - Packing for my husband is usually very easy. His uniform is a polo and jeans every day of every week, rain or shine, sun or snow. But when we go to Hawaii for our anniversary, I get to have a little more fun with it.
  • The Ultimate Guide to Hiking Hawaii: Maui - It's Maui Monday! One of Steve's and my favorite things to do when we travel is hike, and Hawaii has no shortage of beautiful hikes across each and every island. Maui's nickname is the Valley Isle, so you can imagine the lush green landscape and all the beautiful trails there are to explore. Whether you love mountains, valleys, waterfalls, or beach hikes, Maui has a hike for you! Here are our Maui hiking details.
  • The Best 10 Reasons to Visit Maui - It's Aloha Friday! Let's round out the week with some inspiration for a beautiful, tropical, exotic trip to Maui! Here is our top 10 list of reasons to visit the Valley Isle on your next vacation.
  • The Best Food Eat on Maui - It's What I Ate Wednesday! And this week's food post all about the tropical flavors from the island of Maui, Hawaii. We did a little of everything from grocery shopping to roadside stands to fine dining. There are options for everyone!
  • What to Know Before You Visit Maui - It's Maui Monday! This week I've pulled together my top tips for beautiful Maui, Hawaii. Here is everything you need to know to make the most of your trip and enjoy it to the fullest!
  • How to Have an Epic Maui and Molokai Helicopter Tour - Have you ever flown in a helicopter? This was our first time ever in a helicopter, and we were very excited for the experience! We booked our tour in mid-February, though our flight would be May 2--our fourth anniversary! If you're looking for a memorable way to experience Maui, this is it.
  • The 10 Best Sites on the Road to Hana - It's Aloha Friday! You may have heard of the Road to Hana, which is one of the top "things to do" on Maui. But most people only take the road and skip Hana entirely. But I encourage you to consider spending a night--or two!--in or around Hana instead, so you can really enjoy everything Hana has to offer. Here are my top 10 reasons to consider a trip to Hana, Maui!
  • The Ultimate Ladies’ Guide to Packing for a Week on Maui - What should you pack for a week on Maui? Bathing suits! And perhaps a few more things. Here is my packing list, complete with photos and Amazon links to help you go carry-on only to beautiful Maui, Hawaii!
  • The Ultimate 3-Day Road to Hana Itinerary - Are you ready to road trip one of the most scenic, small, and curvy roads in the world? Well, buckle up because here we go! Most visitors to Maui choose to drive the whole Road to Hana and back all in one day. But for those of us who don't necessarily love to drive, do love to hike, and who are visiting Maui to relax, spending a night or two in or around Hana is a great option!
  • What to Know Before Driving the Road to Hana - It's Aloha Friday, and this week you are in for a treat! On our anniversary trip to Maui, we drove the famous Road to Hana, or Hana Highway. This breath-taking drive is absolutely worth your while, but there are definitely some things to know before you go!
  • Everything You Need to Know Before You Eat at Mama’s Fish House - Steve and I rounded out our trip to Maui with a meal at the highly-recommended Mama's Fish House on Maui.
  • The Ultimate Guide to Romantic Maui - Islands are inherently relaxing, there's only so far you can go, and there is just something extra romantic about being truly away from it all, separated from real life by a body of water. So, to kick off my Maui blog post series, I'm starting with the most romantic things about our trip to Maui!


  • The Ultimate Ladies’ Packing List for Molokai, Hawaii - There are plenty of Hawaii-inspired packing guides out there, but packing for Molokai is different because Molokai is different from all the other Hawaiian islands. It's more rugged, less populated, less "touristy," and by many standards, it's more Hawaiian.
  • The Ultimate Molokai Bucket List - Molokai is called the "Most Hawaiian Island," and a visit to this beautiful place will help you understand why. Much of the island is untouched by technology, and the slower pace all but forces you to slow down and settle into the spirit of aloha.
  • Your Ultimate Molokai Travel Guide - Planning our trip to Molokai was a bit of a challenge with so little information out there, so I've taken everything we learned in our planning efforts and compiled it all for you. You're welcome! We hope you have an amazing journey on Hawaii's all-but-forgotten paradise.
  • The Ultimate Guide to Hiking Hawaii: Molokai - Each island is distinct in its beauty, and every time we hike in the islands, we find ourselves in awe of the waterfalls, mountains, and epic coastal views. So of course Molokai, the "most Hawaiian" island, couldn't help but show off its epic landscapes as well. Here's everything you need to know about hiking on Molokai, Hawaii!
  • How to Spend the Best 5 Days on Molokai - Aloha from Hawaii's Friendly Isle! We spent our 5th anniversary on Molokai, the "most Hawaiian" and least touristy of the islands. There are plenty of special things about Hawaii and each of its beautiful islands, but we wanted to know more about Molokai's unique history and landscape.
  • The Ultimate List of Things to Do on Molokai - When I first said I wanted to visit Molokai, my husband said, "Really? What is there to do?" Well, the answer is: a lot! Molokai is known as the "Friendly Isle" and "the most Hawaiian island." It's the 5th largest and one of the least visited Hawaiian Islands, and the locals like it that way.
  • How to Mail a Coconut from Hawaii - There are a few things to know about mailing a coconut, but it's the honest truth that you can send one from Hawaii to anywhere in the world! Technically you can send one from any post office, but the Hawaiian post offices have the most experience! I sent one to my family in Tennessee from the Post-a-Nut Post Office in Hoolehua on Molokai, and it was very easy. Here's how in four easy steps!
  • The Best Places to Eat on Molokai, Hawaii - Much to our delight and a little to our amazement, everything we ate on Molokai was fabulous! I mean, there aren't that many options, and you're kind of a captive audience, so you'd have to eat at the restaurants around whether they were good or bad. But the restauranteurs on Molokai take great pride in their food, and it shows!
  • Everything You Need to Know Before You Visit Molokai - Never heard of Molokai? You're not alone! It's one of the lesser-known and less-visited Hawaiian Islands, though people do actually live here! It's called "The Friendly Isle," and because it's relatively untouched by the same tourism as the other islands, it's also called the "most Hawaiian" island.
  • Lei Making at Molokai Plumeria Farm: Your Ultimate Guide - Steve and I have been to five Hawaiian islands now, and we've done the "Hawaiian" things: a luau, scenic flights, sunning on Waikiki, toured coffee farms, lava peeping, etc. But there was one thing we hadn't really done yet: lei making!
  • Halawa Valley Cultural Hike, Molokai: Everything You Need to Know - Our recent trip to Molokai was one I will never forget. I had wanted to visit the Friendly Isle for over four years, and the time had finally come! One of the things I was most excited about was the Halawa Valley Cultural Hike.
  • Ultimate Guide to Visiting the Kalaupapa Peninsula, Molokai - For four years, ever since I read the historical novel Molokai by Alan Brennert, I've wanted to visit Kalaupapa for myself. I couldn't believe I had never heard of this leper colony. I couldn't believe people still got leprosy as recently as 150 years ago. I couldn't believe people still get leprosy. Hawaii has fascinated me for years, but I'd never heard of Kalaupapa or the leprosy colony there.
  • The Most Fascinating Facts about Molokai, Hawaii - What?! You've never heard of Molokai? Join the club---there are a lot of people in it! This is the least visited of the main Hawaiian islands, but in spite of that, or perhaps because of that, I have found it to be the most fascinating. Here is a quick list of some of the most fascinating things I learned about Hawaii's "Most Hawaiian" island.
  • How to Have an Epic Maui and Molokai Helicopter Tour - Have you ever flown in a helicopter? This was our first time ever in a helicopter, and we were very excited for the experience! We booked our tour in mid-February, though our flight would be May 2--our fourth anniversary! If you're looking for a memorable way to experience Maui, this is it.


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  • The 10 Best Things to Do on Waikiki - Dreaming of a beach vacation this year? Me, too! We here at Quick Whit Travel believe islands, beaches, and proximity to water all equal the ability to relax, and they make us happy! We've been to loads of beautiful beaches in the world, including one of the most iconic in the world: Waikiki on O'ahu, Hawaii! Here are my top 10 things to do to make the most of the world famous beach.
  • The Ultimate O’ahu Bucket List - Hawaii is an epic, beautiful, friendly, majestic place. Many people dream of going but never make it happen. Others go all out and make it a once in a lifetime trip! We took our first trip to Hawaii together for our first wedding anniversary back in 2015, and we chose O'ahu so we could visit Pearl Harbor and relax on one of the most famous beaches in the world---Waikiki!
  • The Ultimate Ladies’ Guide to Packing for O’ahu - "Packing is my favorite part of travel!" --said no one ever! It's not my favorite thing either, and I'm literally a professional packer!
  • The Ultimate Guide to Hiking Hawaii: O’ahu - Hawaii has some of the most beautiful hiking in the world, and Steve and I have been fortunate enough to explore a lot of them on our trips to the islands! With O'ahu being the most populated and most visited of the islands, you won't likely have a trail to yourself here, but you will definitely be rewarded with epic views and lush landscapes.
  • The Best Food to Eat in Waikiki - I like to eat all over the world. Sushi in Japan. Pierogis in Poland. Pad Thai in Thailand. Afternoon tea in England. I'll pretty much try anything. But in all my travels (including five trips to Hawaii!), there were still two food firsts for me this trip! Read on to find out what!
  • Everything You Need to Know About Staying at the Royal Hawaiian, Waikiki - If you've ever been to Waikiki, you've definitely seen "the Pink Hotel," which is the Royal Hawaiian! It's one of the oldest resorts in the world, and of course one of the first in Hawaii. Steve suggested we should stay here for our 5th anniversary, and it was really something special!
  • What to Know Before You Visit O’ahu - I'm dreaming of beautiful Hawaii. I have a few friends planning trips to O'ahu this year, so I decided I need to create some "know before you go" material for this beautiful, historic, iconic island to help them--and perhaps YOU!--plan the perfect O'ahu getaway!
  • The 10 Best Reasons to Visit O’ahu - My husband and I needed a relaxing trip for our first anniversary, and we decided an island would probably be just the right pace to help us slow down and soak in the happiness of our first year of marriage. This is the trip that convinced us to take an easy-going island trip for our anniversary every year!
  • The Best Food to Eat on O’ahu - Aloha on this What I Ate Wednesday! This week we're coming at you from O'ahu, Hawaii, where Steve and I spent our first anniversary. This is the tale of the many island delicacies we enjoyed on our trip!
  • Remembering Pearl Harbor at 75 - My husband Steve and I chose O'ahu as the destination for our first anniversary because we wanted to go somewhere beautiful, relaxing... paradise. But there was another draw, and that was the history. I didn't know much at all about Hawaiian history before we visited, but I did know I wanted to visit Pearl Harbor for the American history--the infamous history.
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