The Ultimate Men’s Packing List for Mau’i

Updated July 1, 2021.

It’s What I Wore Wednesday! Packing for my husband is usually very easy. His uniform is a polo and jeans every day of every week, rain or shine, sun or snow. But when we go to Hawaii for our anniversary, I get to have a little more fun with it. Sure, he could pack his own clothes, but then I wouldn’t get to pick them out! If you’re a man who hates to pack as much as my husband does, I’ve got the packing list for your trip to beautiful Maui!

On the Plane

We traveled over 13 hours to get from D.C. to Maui, so comfort on that first travel day was key! My husband likes to travel in a polo, jeans, compression socks, running shoes (because sometimes we run through airports), and a pullover in case the plane is cold. Do not forget your compression socks!

Comfort is key! 


When we travel, we keep up with our daily (or almost daily) workout schedule. It helps us fight jet lag and keeps us on track for our days. We also enjoy hiking when we travel, so activewear is essential for that, too. And bathing suits are always a must for Hawaii!

Ready for anything! 

And speaking of activities, I packed us a couple of quick-dry towels, snorkel gear, dry bag, waterproof phone case, insect repellent lotion, and sunscreen. Sunscreen is very important whether you’re hiking, swimming, laying on the beach, or exploring downtown Lahaina!

Gear Up! 

Out and About

We had planned for some activities that did not require activewear, like a helicopter ride and a nice dinner out our last evening on the island. It’s always good to have some nicer options wherever you travel, even if the main focus is not formal. He wanted two pairs of shorts with pockets and cool choices for polos, so I chose the lightest color shirts.



If you’re packing for yourself or someone else, do not forget the undies!  And the socks, of course!


Could you go carry-on only and let someone else pack or you? Comment below!

Also, you’ll find all the best tips, hacks, and strategies on my dedicated Packing Page! And for more on Maui, you’ll want to visit my Hawaiian Islands Page!

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