The Best 10 Reasons to Visit Mau’i

Updated July 1, 2021.

It’s Aloha Friday! Let’s round out the week with some inspiration for a beautiful, tropical,  exotic trip to Maui! Here is our top 10 list of reasons to visit the Valley Isle on your next vacation.

10. Because Everything’s Aloha

It’s a bit of a joke between my husband and me that “everything’s aloha” in Hawaii. But kidding aside, it’s true. Everywhere you go in Hawaii, including Maui, people greet you with “aloha” and a genuine smile. People thank you with a sincere “mahalo” (thank you) and a smile that stretches from their chin to their hairline. Coming from D.C., where life is full of politics and sensationalized news stories of gloom and doom, just a little bit of kindness and sincerity goes a long way. Stepping off a plane in Hawaii is like stepping into a tropical, kind, friendly, happy paradise. All because everything’s “aloha.”

No make up, no shower (yet), no cares, all happiness and aloha!
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9. To See Four Different Islands from Shore

It’s true! Maui is the only Hawaiian island from which you can see four other islands. You’ll spy mysterious Molokai from the west coast, Lanai from the south and southwest shore, Kahoolawe from the south and southeast coast, and the Island of Hawai’i is visible on a clear day from east maui. What’s that other little landmass off the south shore? It’s Molokini Crater! In fact, Steve and I were noticing how fun it is that you can see Maui from Maui as well!

What’s that land I see across the water? It’s West Maui, seen from South Maui!
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8. To Hike through the Bamboo Forest

The Bamboo Forest is perhaps the most enchanting, most magical, most mythical place I’ve ever seen in person! It really is as beautiful as the pictures–even unedited pictures. The way the light streamed through the trees, the raised boardwalk, and the gorgeous color of the bamboo made the experience feel more like we were on a movie set than walking in nature, but it’s definitely nature!

The Bamboo Forest
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7. To Celebrate at Mama’s Fish House

It’s not for everyone, but celebrating a special occasion at Mama’s Fish House is definitely a reason to choose to visit Maui. They really made us feel like our special occasion was just that: special! Our fourth anniversary dinner there was not just a meal, it was an event. And after four years of coming to Hawaii, I got my first flower lei!

Sweet photo op before dinner at Mama’s Fish House!
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6. For the Waterfalls

Maui seemed to have an endless supply of fun waterfalls! Cascading waterfalls, 400-foot tall waterfalls, children’s story-themed waterfalls… Whether you want to hike to them or simply see them from your car, Maui has them all!

Three Bears Falls!
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5. To Watch the Wildlife

If you like to snorkel, you’re in for a treat with all the beautiful reefs and other snorkel spots around the island. More of a rodent lover? You’ll get a kick out of the mongooses that have overtaken the island. Want to see huge sea turtles from sea or from land? Maui is the place for you. Just remember you can look, but don’t touch.

Making new island friends!
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4. To Drive the Road to Hana

Full disclosure: my husband and I do not love road trips. But we took our time with this drive and really enjoyed ourselves! All the hikes, the waterfalls, the roadside stands, the quaint communities, the cute churches–the Road to Hana is a tourist attraction because it’s attractive. But there are definitely some things to know before you go!

One of many waterfalls visible from the Road to Hana!
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3. For Sand of Many Colors

This is the only place I have ever seen red sand! But there’s also yellow, white, and black sand to choose from as well! Whatever you fancy, there’s a beach on Maui for you!

Red Sand Beach
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2. To Take a Helicopter Flight over the Molokai Cliffs

This is one of our top travel experiences to date. To be face to face with the tallest sea cliffs and tallest waterfalls in the entire world was awe-inspiring. Epic. Incredible. Our pilot Jake with Maverick Helicopter Tours did a phenomenal job, not only piloting us safely, but also giving us interesting information about Molokai and Maui, answering our questions, and making sure we got the best tour possible! Check out my post all about the experience, Maui & Molokai Helicopter Tour.

Epic Molokai Cliffs
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1. For the Beauty

Hawaii is beautiful. It’s the most beautiful place I’ve ever been, in the entire world. And the Valley Isle does not disappoint. The jungle of the Road to Hana, the lushness of the Central Valley, the color of the ocean, and the way the mountains cascade into their valleys make every view on Maui picturesque.

I’ao Valley State Park
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Have you been to Maui? What was your favorite part? Comment below! And check out my Hawaiian Islands Page for everything you need to know about Maui and the Hawaiian Islands!

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