The Ultimate Ladies’ Guide to Packing for a Week on Mau’i

Updated August 28, 2022.

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What should you pack for a week on Maui? Bathing suits! And perhaps a few more things. Here is my packing list, complete with photos and Amazon links to help you go carry-on only to beautiful Maui, Hawaii!

On the Plane

Comfort is key! We had a six hour flight from D.C. to San Francisco, a one hour and 15 minute layover, then another five and a half hour flight from San Francisco to Maui, so I knew I needed something that would keep me warm on the chilly plane and yet be comfortable when we landed in Hawaii, too. Yoga pants it is!

Perfect for 13+ hours of travel!
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Pineapple T-shirt

Yoga Pants

Light Jacket


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In My Carry-on

A well-packed carry-on can take long flights from bearable to enjoyable! Always make sure you have a refillable water bottle, snacks, reading material, and maybe come deodorant in your carry-on to help you feel fresh upon landing! Oh, and pretty much every flight to Hawaii requires compression socks!

In my carry-on
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Carbs are easy to find. Apples, bananas, and even cut fruit are pretty easy to find on travel. For some reason, protein is so much harder! So I like to bring some jerky along. There are so many flavors and even so many types of protein–fish, beef, turkey, poultry, etc.! Click the photo for yours.

Water Bottles

I like to take a refillable water bottle with me wherever I go, but when I know I’ll be hiking or out and about all day long, I also like to take a collapsible water bottle with me. I drink that one first so I can collapse it and free up that space in my bag before I start drinking from the one that is a set size and shape. One of each is below, so click the photos to get your own!

Refillable Water Bottle

Collapsible Water Bottle

Compression Socks

Your legs will thank you when you land! I forgot mine at home once, and after 24 hours of traveling from Cambodia back home, my ankles were swollen to three times their normal size and my legs ached for a full 24 hours. I will never forget them again!

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Going Out

My husband is sweet, but he does not like to go out! I can usually get him to take me out to eat on our anniversary, though, and this time around we made reservations for Mama’s Fish House, one of the nicest restaurants on the island! So I wanted a couple of options to take with me:

Ready for a couple of nights out on the town!
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Convertible Dress

This amazing skirt can also be a dress!

Columbia Armadale Dress

This is my favorite dress, ever. It’s the best dress for travel because it’s wrinkle-resistant, flattering, moisture-wicking, and packs up super tiny! Click the photo for yours!

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Any trip to a beach island requires a bathing suit–or two! I like to take a tankini with me to Hawaii because I can wear it for swimming or for hiking–because sometimes you hike upon a beach, waterfall, or swimming hole! And I can use the band bikini top as a strapless bra if I feel like I need one with the purple dress above. And, of course, the bottoms can be worn with either one!

The water shoes are essential for beaches in Hawaii, or any beach destination where you have volcanic rock, coral, or rocky beaches. The blue strapless cover-up can also go with me into stores or restaurants where just a bathing suit is not acceptable!

Swimming essentials!
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I often wear my tankini top as a regular top, and no one is the wiser! Best of all, the halter strap is removable and adjustable. Click the photo for yours!


I like bringing bottoms that can go with either top. Secret revealed: I also use them as underwear when necessary!


This one comes in fun colors! You never know when you might need to run into a store or restaurant that does not allow bathing suits. Click the photo for yours!

Water Shoes

You’ll thank me later! These are essential for rocky, volcanic, or coral shorelines! Click the photo to get yours.

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Hiking and Working Out

Every trip I’ve taken to Hawaii has involved beautiful hikes, running on the beach, and unexpected activities! So you know what I end up wearing more often than sundresses and swimwear? Workout wear! It always travels well with its moisture-wicking magic and wrinkle-resistant materials, and since activewear is a thing to be worn in public these days, I take full advantage of that!

Hiking gear!
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Exercise Top

The best part of this style? It comes with a built-in bra! No need to pack an extra sports bra. The next best part? It comes in several colors! Click the photo for yours.


I love these workout pants. They’re so comfortable! Click for yours!


Not a fan of pink? They come in more colors! Click the photo to see and get yours.


These are actually running shoes, but they have such good tread, I use them for hiking, too. Click the photo for yours!


I like a visor so I can pile my hair up on my head and off my neck, but go with your preference! Click the photo for yours!


Definitely bring polarized sunglasses with you to Hawaii and all sunny destinations! Click the photo for these aviators.

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Beach Gear

There are certain things that always go on beach trips. You will definitely need good sunscreen, great bug repellent if you’re also going to be hiking to or from a beach, and a dry bag to keep everything safe from sand and salt and water! The dry bag is perfect for any beach or hiking trip, but I’d call it essential for solo travelers. This bag can go in the water with you (and it floats!) so you don’t have to worry about leaving your stuff on the beach while you enjoy the waves.

Also good to take? a waterproof phone case, quick-dry towels, and snorkel gear. My face is too small for regular snorkel gear, so I brought my own this time around!

Beach ready!
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Dry Bag

I LOVE my 10 Liter bag from Sak Gear! I take it hiking, beaching, or even as my purse if I need to duck into a store after a day at the beach. Click the photo for yours.

Waterproof Phone Case

Because who wants to lose all those pictures you just took with your smartphone while you’re trying to get that perfect shot over the waves? Click the photo for yours.

Quick-dry Towels

Uses for these towels include drying yourself at the beach, pool, or gym; covering that rental car seat after a fun and filthy hike; a bath towel at that rental property that doesn’t include linens! Click the photo for yours.

Snorkel and Mask

Renting is fine… but whose nose and mouth has been there before yours? Click the photo for yours.

Bug Repellent

This Ultrathon brand was recommended by a travel vaccination nurse! Click the photo for yours.


This is my preferred brand because it’s not sticky or greasy, and it doesn’t break out my skin! Click the photo for yours.

Remember! Sunscreen goes on 15 minutes before bug repellent, and every time you reapply one, reapply the other in that order.

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Does anyone else like theme pajamas? Is it just me?

Pineapple Pajamas!

Fun Pajamas

Click the photo for yours!

Need more? You’ll find all you ever need to know about Maui and the Hawaiian Islands on my dedicated Hawaiian Islands Page!

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  1. I always love your packing posts! Even if I never get to visit the same places as you, your posts still give me inspiration for any trips that I am planning. Thanks so much for sharing! 🙂

    1. Thank YOU so much! In a world of so much online negativity, I am thrilled when someone is as encouraging as you! Honestly I always feel like the packing posts are boring, but when you need them, you want them! All the strategies in this post can translate to any warm or tropical climate, so matter where in the world it is! So glad you find my packing posts inspiring! 🌺

      1. You’re welcome! I think it’s awesome that you do these packing posts! I never find them boring and they always make me want to pack a bag and go somewhere new! 🙂

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