The Ultimate Guide to Romantic Mau’i

Updated July 1, 2021.

It’s Maui Monday, and Quick Whit is back to blogging! My sweet husband and I just got back from our fourth anniversary trip, and this year we chose Maui. We love Hawaii, and we decided during our first anniversary trip (on O’ahu) to always spend our anniversary on an island.

Islands are inherently relaxing, there’s only so far you can go, and there is just something extra romantic about being truly away from it all, separated from real life by a body of water. So, to kick off my Maui blog post series, I’m starting with the most romantic things about our trip to Maui!

10. Walk through the I’ao Valley

This will make all your romantic, Jurassic dreams come true! If you ever wanted to know what it’s like to be dwarfed among the mountains and trees of another world, this is your opportunity. The short trails are clearly marked and quite easy, and everywhere you look is a perfect setting for photo ops and just for enjoying the beauty of nature.

Lovers in I’ao Valley!
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9. Hike at Waianapanapana State Park

Because we took three days to enjoy the Road to Hana, we got to spend much more time exploring the sites than day trippers could. One of the best things we did was hike a portion of the seaside trail at Waianapanapana State Park! We literally had it all to ourselves, and it was like the huge waves were putting on a show just for us! It was a beautiful experience with the waves, the dramatic lava rock shoreline, and the greenery growing along the trail. There was even a much better blowhole on this trail than the one people were standing around watching near the parking lot. And because we were alone in the wilderness, we felt that it deserves a spot on this romantic list!

This is one of our most epic hikes we’ve done together!
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8. Steal a Kiss Under the Banyan Tree

The famously gigantic and old banyan tree in downtown Lahaina is the stuff of legend! It’s quite possibly the largest one in the world, and it’s been growing here from a seedling since 1873. Its longevity is perhaps a metaphor for your love!

Lovers at the banyan tree
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7. A Long Walk on the Beach

It’s cliche, but that’s because it’s sweet! Steve and I love to take long walks together anywhere, but I think I can speak for both of us when I write that a walk on the beach, listening to the waves, holding hands, and watching for sea turtles coming ashore is perhaps the most relaxing and enjoyable.

We do love long walks on the beach!
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6. Hiking in the Bamboo Forest

If you think it looks like something off of Instagram–it’s true. It looks like a total set-up, but it really is that epic. It’s like walking through a dream together, with the sun streaming through the stalks and that unbelievable green. There is no filter that can improve on the reality. To enjoy something so surreal with the one you love is a special moment to be savored.

Bamboo Forest
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5. Special Dinner at Mama’s Fish House

Really any special dinner will do, but Mama’s Fish House came highly recommended, and we were certainly not disappointed! When I made the reservation (two months in advance), they asked if we were celebrating anything special, so of course I said it was for our anniversary! There was a note on the table for us to wish us a happy anniversary, and the manager brought a lei for Steve to put around my neck and kiss my cheek, as is the Hawaiian tradition for anniversaries!

Dinner at Mama’s
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4. Staying in Hana

This is one of the best decisions we made. The Road to Hana is extremely popular, breathtakingly scenic, but also quite stressful to try and do in just one day! So we chose to stay in Hana a couple of nights to fully enjoy all the hiking and scenic overlooks without rushing through anything that should be fun and memorable. Instead of rushing around, we we got to rest in the jungle and take our time over the course of a relaxing three days.

Halfway there!
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3. Watching the Sunrise

You don’t have to drive up to Haleakala at 4:00am to see a romantic sunrise. The sun rises all over Maui every day! Take advantage of your jet lag on Maui and watch the sunrise for a little added romance your first few days on Maui.

One of our favorite views from our room ever!
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2. Watching the Sea Life

I love sea turtles. I just think they’re so graceful and cute! However, I’m not much of an ocean swimmer. But standing onshore, in my sweet husband’s arms, watching the sea turtles and fish swim around was pretty special.

We love sea turtles!
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1. A Helicopter Flight over Molokai

This is the one thing my husband has been wanting to do for years that we just hadn’t gotten around to until now. But it was worth the wait because our sunset tour over three Hawaiian islands (Maui, Molokai, and Lanai) was one for the books! I booked our tour almost three months early because this is the only sunset tour from any helicopter company on Maui, and I wanted to make sure we could schedule this on our anniversary (May 2). Seeing the Hawaiian beauty from above, especially the tallest sea cliffs in the world that can only be admired from air or sea, was a one-of-a-kind, romantic experience.

First time in a helicopter!
Molokai Sea Cliffs
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Are you ready for your own romantic Maui vacation? We recommend it! Check out my Hawaiian Islands Page for everything you need about Hawaii!

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